Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Face Goop

I have been absent. Sorry. But there is a very good reason, and that reason is this that M and I have been slaving - well, mainly gchatting but, the most intensive, rigorous gchat you can imagine - over our New Secret Project That Need Not Be Secret Anymore.

Don't worry, we don't have a multi-million book/film/tv deal that you need to get envious of. We don't have anything tangible at all. But what we do have is:

Our new baby.

It's a beauty blog for idiots. Girl #101 if you like. Stupid beauty. On there you will learn what's under Giorgio Armani's regulation navy t shirt, how to do your eyeliner with an eagle, why you should never let Estée Lauder take a lock of your hair and how the beauty industry is dominated by lizards from outer space. We will be posting often, and ridiculously. And I really hope you like it. It's not just for girls. There are orcs. And there's , er, science. Lots of science.

Right. Gin.

Face Goop. Go ON.


Lisa-Marie said...

It is great, but I request that when I read it, I also get gin. no wait, Jack Daniels.

Em said...

Sheer genuis - bravo to you both! And he he he for your little Goop usage...

Unknown said...

You leg-ends, thank you x

the polish chick said...

brilliant! kind of like "let's panic about babies" make-up edition.

Bryony said...


word verification i s oussol - where do I apply this?

redfox said...

Ooooh, fantastic! I hope you update VERY OFTEN, because I am greedy.

Bath Bun said...

Wonderful - will you also review the freebie "trousses" as that seems to be my main motivation for buying the products?

Nellig said...

Well I think you might be on to something, because today I seriously considered buying an Armani lipstick. I might add that I am over 50 and live near Whitby, so this totally goes against the natural order of the universe.

The pair of you are wicked harpies and obviously destined to be rich.

Eliza said...

Love it made me laugh.

Jo said...

Utterly brilliant. Please hurry up and do more. And get people to send you free stuff to review. I am an aging old bag (41) and am requesting an exfoliator review for "mature skin" (wtf? mature at 41?).

Keep it up girls.

Margaret said...

I love it! It's wonderful! the polish chick is right--it's Let's Panic without the babies. (When she's not going on about penises, she's very insightful.) Can we make requests for reviews?

magpie said...

Can I be the first member of the official face goop fan club? Please be aware that now you have started these reviews, if you stop I Will be bereft and will hold you solely responsible for the fact that I will eat Tesco's out of mini chocolate brioches...

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