Sunday, 28 February 2010

Viva Lucha, Viva Bruxellas

One of the best things - possibly THE best, though it would be very hard to choose a highlight - about Lucha Libre Belgian style, was the amount of audience participation. And when I say audience participation, I mainly mean MASKS.

Masks everywhere. Masks on pregnant women, masks on small children, masks everywhere.

Masked groups.


Masked hipsters.

Masked drinkers.

Uber-masked tryhards.

The woman fiddling with the slightly Japanese looking ninja mask was at least 8 months pregnant.

This guy was my absolute favourite, in his chinos and v necked navy pullover and sensible shoes. AND WRESTLING MASK. I took lots of pictures of him. In fact, I think I had to be forcibly restrained from taking more.

I forgot my purse (it wasn't my most brilliant day organisationally - got the venue wrong, parked somewhere insane and had an Incident with a birthday cake that must never EVER be spoken of) so couldn't get my own mask. Devastating. I might have to make one. But we did make like the rest of Brussels's Lucha Libre fans and stage a pretend fight in front of the ring.

Oh, you want to see ACTUAL Mexican Wrestling? That was awesome too. I feel well qualified to say it was almost certainly the most exciting thing to happen in Belgium all year.

I got almost misty-eyed at the end when the wrestlers were waving tiny paper Belgian flags and shouting "Viva Bruxellas".

Gracias Belgica! Viva Bruxellas!


KarenC said...

What happened to the cake...??

And that post almost makes me want to be in Belgium this weekend... it made me laugh, lots...

Em said...

That's done if for me - we've moving to Belgium.

soleils said...

And who of M/you won the pretend fight, may I ask? It looks very impressive, it really does. Je suis morte de rire. Bruselas libre!

M. said...

I tried to punch her in the kidneys. But I don't really know where kidneys are.

katyboo1 said...

I am so jealous that you got to see that dwarf transsexual wrestler lady/man/killer. There was a programme where Justin Lee Collins went to Mexico to learn to do Mexican Wrestling and that lady/man/killer taught him and it was hilarious. S/He was a god/dess. I applaud your daring and your fabulously edgy social life.

Waffle said...

Karen - I am not at liberty to say.

Please do, Em. I need all the company I can kidnap and hide in my cellar.

Soleils - I won, of course. Look at her expression of agony and her puny, kidney locating "skills"

Katyboo - That's Cassandro. Cassandro was fucking BRILLIANT. Even better than the midgets, and I hesitate to suggest such a thing is even possible.

WB said...

M & WM fighting.

AWESOME. Like Belgian superheroes.


Unknown said...

HILARIOUS post! Makes me glad to live in Brussels.

The Spicers said...

I think the fake fight shot should definitely be your Facebook profile photo.

peevish said...

Wow, that woman wrestler look formidable!

BTW, I typed that with a French accent.

It all looks and sounds like such fun.
Wish I'd been there. I can fake-fight!

expateek said...

Love how your hand in the photo looks like the claw of death.

Extremely convincing. Totally rad.

Colour me impressed...

Unknown said...

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