Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day off

The cruel, implacable OCD part of my brain says that a recipe doesn't count towards my one a day blog post quota. The cruel implacable OCD part of my brain should really cut me some slack, but sadly it doesn't seem to work like that.

I have spent the day in bed (no, I still don't have a bed, but you know what I mean). I am not properly sick, just a bit feeble, which is of course the very best state to be in for a day in bed. I have four big feathery pillows, one of those nice silky quilts in a pretty mid blue and all white bed linen. I have a Diptyque Feu de Bois candle burning, low, cheery lighting, a pile of good novels and endless pints of tea. The room is entirely clutter free and warm and it's freezing outside with odd flurries of snow, which only adds to the delight of being on the inside. The weepette is dozing alternately under the covers at my feet, or on top of the quilt within affectionate ear tugging distance. I have my little fire. It's all so perfect, like a bright sickroom scene from What Katy Did. All except me.

I am not a brave, bright eyed nineteenth century heroine, dying bravely and decorously. I am a strenuously 21st century hag with a minor cough, and I have been spoiling the idyll by alternately fidgeting around with my laptop and falling deeply, uncomfortably asleep in outlandish positions, to dream of financial emergencies and trying to dispose of corpses. After these naps I wake up wildly flailing and confused, drool all over my pillow, appalled to be awake and guilty for sleeping. I am rubbish at relaxing. Rubbish.

It hasn't mattered much though, because it's still the delicious badness of a skive. I have eaten a caramel tart in my bed, feeding the crusts to the weepette, read my silly novel and listened to Radio 4 plays. I haven't thought about transport logistics, unsold and unbought tickets, missing deliveries or missed deadlines. Or, rather, I have, but I have told myself not to. It will all still be there tomorrow.

Damn, I fell asleep again. I'm giving up on this. It is my day off after all.


Julia Ball said...

It sounds heavenly! Alas, like you, I am appallingly bad at relaxing, I worry, is the monkey going to have a decent dinner, is the litter tray empty? are there enough cat biscuits out for them all? Should I just shove the Dyson around quickly?

I am also a terrible fidget, it drives himself mad and then I get hot feet, I hate having hot feet, it is worse than having cold feet, I could go on, but I think you get it.

I also slober on the pillow, it is one of my more attractive traits HAHA.

puncturedbicycle said...

I used to be EXCELLENT at sleeping half the day and spending unlimited amounts of time in a benign catatonic stupor and then I moved in with someone who is very conscientious, pays the bills, will do all the chores if I don't first, etc. and I feel too guilty doing nothing now. Bugger.

Em said...

I am drooling in envy at your day in bed with feather pillows. (But sorry you're not feeling brilliant).

I've whipped up to the internet whilst my house guests, including VERY BUSY CHILD, are still here. After five days.

I am a terrible hostess.

Kelly said...

the crusts are the best bit!

Mrs Jones said...

For a Wednesday this doesn't sound too bad at all...

the polish chick said...

still, this must have helped with the satan's very own wednesday issues, no?

Kathy said...

It's not a good nap unless you've drooled. Well done.

I've always wondered though (forgive me for being so damn personal, I'm not British): when you are lounging around home like this, alone, do you wear your hair? I can't imagine I would, especially since you've described the scratchiness of it, so very curious!


softinthehead said...

"What Katy Did" - WOW that brought back memories. I remember that being a bit of a stiff read, but I was probably about 13, maybe I should give it another go:) Feel better soon but enjoy coddling yourself - it sounds like fun !

westendmum said...

Where is the off button for the voices? You sound like you need a holiday from yourself sweet one. There are probably enough mother bloghens clucking over you out here that if we all sent you good wishes at the same time you'd get a warm tingly sensation and feel suddenly protected and united with all humanity, or you had fallen asleep and woken with pins and needles in a puddle of spilt tea. Anyway I'm sure lots of people are wishing your cold away and that you may relax for a day. Feel well soon.
WEM xx

She Wore It Well said...


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Anonymous said...

Relax and enjoy it sounds great. I always feel too guilty to have a duvet day, then get bored and end up eating crap or watching crap on TV. Careful that le weepette does not get fat.

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