Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ceci n'est pas une 2009 retrospective

Are you all holding up in the dead days between Christmas and New Year? Are you reaching for the axe yet? I don't think I could hold an axe. My limbs have turned to some kind of alcohol based jelly. Also, I don't think there's enough light to use an axe efficiently. There must have been all of half an hour of daylight in London today and I missed it underground due to a passenger incident at Victoria. Though then again, perhaps efficiency isn't key when you're planning a frenzied axe attack. I will take guidance on this point.

I have been meeting the internet again. You would be surprised how well the internet scrubs up in real life. You might expect to meet amorphous sluglike sociophobes, but no, I am consistently impressed by their loveliness. They have amazing cardamom salted almond fudge and tea and biscuits and they make you laugh and gasp with horror (NOT at their noses, Birdy, ). Even Derek the cat is much lovelier than you would ever imagine in real life. Ian, admittedly, did spill algae down his jumper, but we've all been there, haven't we?

The next few days may be light posting only. I am heading for Paris, where the brain twin and I are planning to firm up our strategy for world domination in 2010, visit the secret Maje outlet shop and cackle. We are going to an actual New Year party and everything and there are ponies to try and kidnap in the Tuileries, so we'll be busy, busy. Ok, that's a lie, mainly we'll be eating cappucino eclairs and cackling.

I'm not sure I wanted to do a big, 2009 retrospective anyway. Far too much went on to distill into any sort of coherent summary. Good, awful, weird. It will take me five years to recover from my 2009 sleep debt alone, I reckon, let alone have any perspective on it. How about this, instead? Everyone give me your top 3 pieces of music of 2009. They don't actually have to have come out in 2009, just something you discovered in 2009 (I am saying that to cover any sneering at my choices as ancient. We're backwards in Belgium, okay?). No agonising, just choose something.

I did my three, but then I got shy. There's nothing quite as personal as exposing your musical preferences, is there? Or am I being peculiar? I'd rather tell you about my eating disorder, or my reproductive history than tell you about some of the albums I own. Actually, I'm curious. Is this specific to me, this intense coyness about what music I like? It isn't, is it? I'm sure it's a product of the relentless mockery we would visit upon one another when I was growing up for being into slightly the wrong kind of shoegazing indie dronery. There wasn't much to do in York, so we hung out in Rough Trade Records trying to out-obscure each other.

I digress. In any event, after toying with Florence and the Machine (Rabbit Heart - love it, but it's become too ubiquitous) and Kasabian (Fire - great, but blokey), I went for this:

Regina Spektor: Dance Anthem of the 80s

Far was this year's summer holiday album for me. I don't think it's anywhere near as good as Begin to Hope, a bit tame, a bit too chanteusey. I liked it better when she did stuff with geetars too, being that sort of a frozen in 1994 type of girl. But I do really like this track.

(I'll be interested to see if this brings the male readers out of the woodwork, even if just to sneer at my choices.)


Pochyemu said...

Easy peasy!

Heart Skipped a Beat - The XX [Discovered thanks to iTunes *eye roll*]

Somebody to Love - Queen [Rediscovered thanks to fucking X-Factor. The BASTARDS.]

Broken Heart (Williamsburg Version) - French Horn Rebellion [Discovered thanks to The City Road. The BASTARD. Oh em gee, jay slash kay.)


The Spicers said...

I agree completely. I almost never share my musical preferences; too intimate, somehow.

lisahgolden said...

Okay - I'll give this a try.
1. Anything by Leonard Cohen.
2. The World Spins Madly On by the Weepies.
3. Cobrastyle by the Teddybears

I hope 2010 is a good year for The Belgian Waffle et al.

Rebecca said...

Oh I love a good list, especially where music is concerned. My top 20 albums of the year:

20.Grizzly Bear - Veckatimist
19.Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs
18.The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - s/t
17.Espers - III
16.Richmond Fontaine - We Used To Think The River Sounded Like A Freeway
15.Broadcast & The Focus Group - Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age
14.Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy
13.Soulsavers - Broken
12.The Duke & King - Nothing Gold Can Stay
11.Memory Tapes - Seek Magic
10.St Vincent - Actor
9.Richard Youngs - Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits
8.Pastels / Tenniscoats - 2 Sunsets
7.AA Bondy - When The Devil's Loose
6.Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself
5.A Place To Bury Strangers - Exploding Head
4.James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Game
3.Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective
2.Dominique A - La Musique / La Matiere
1.Atlas Sound - Logos

Honourable mentions go to Sonic Youth, Big Pink, XX, Animal Collective, Real Estate, Dinosaur Jr, Ducktails, Tristeza, Jonsi & Alex, Pop Ambient 2009 compilation, Crocodiles, Nancy Elizabeth, Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek, Papercuts & Bill Callahan.

Anonymous said...

My favourites thus far: (really these are my favourites this week because I have the memory of a goldfish)

Good Friends are Hard to Find - Ed Harcourt
Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space - Spiritualized
Dance Wiv Me - Dizzee Rascal. I make everyone dance to this with me. And I know all the words. I feel like a wally...

Betty said...

(1) The Fame by Lady Gaga. This whole album is redolent of 2009 memories for me: getting my nails done for the last time in my old house, walking home from work to my new place for the first time, my house warming party. Also blasting it very loudly as I was getting dressed for the Last Night of the Proms and having a panic as my boobs had changed size and shape and none of my dresses fitted at all. And playing Poker Face obnoxiously on my iPhone on the lawn at Glyndebourne.

(2) The famous bit in Rusulka, because I saw 20 operas this year and for the first time ever I cried during one, at the end of Rusulka. I was only a small bit drunk.

(3) Every song from Glee, but especially the It's My Life/Confessions mash-up which was stuck in my head for weeks. Glee was an excellent discovery which ruled the last 1/6th of my year.

The City Road said...

I can match your reasons here, I think. I'm with you on Rabbit Heart, and on Begin to Hope being better than Far. I might fake liking Kasabian when talking to people younger, but wouldn't miss them if they vanished due to some fluctuation in the time/space continuum that removed every trace of their musical existence.

My 'love so much, but ubiquitous' is Cover my Eyes by La Roux which somehow manages to electronically simulate heartbreak.

My 'too blokey' track would have to be Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend and yes I know you glamorous lot all worship these boys but it's a fundamentally male kind of arch pop.

The song that towers over everything for me (over all but The XX album perhaps, but too hard to pick just one track) is Girlfriend by Phoenix. Something in the combination of joyous sound and resigned, quizzical lyrics nails 2009 for me.

Anonymous said...

sorry for anonymous - it is eleanorparkeasy.

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

I've never heard of any of them, but then again I am a birder. Dire Straits anyone?

M. said...

Ugh, you weird music lovers are SO FUCKING SMUG. It disgusts me. And Dr Capybara too, I'm sure.

Also, world domination... really? do we have to? can't we just take a napzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

livesbythewoods said...

Ah, music, the food of love. And shouty singalongs in oour kitchen.

Stuff I discovered this year:

1) The Sleeper by the Leisure Society. I saw them live at the End of the Road Festival in September and have been playing this album ever since. Bloody lovely.

2) Land of the Sea by Chris and Thomas. A muso internet mate put me onto them, and they are superb. If you like plinky folkie stuff, I mean.

3) Black Ice, AC/DC. What a great album. Nothing new or anything, but then, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

wv: weignars. Some sort of subterranean race plotting the overthrow of humans, I fear.

pinolona said...

Musical discoveries this year:
Bach, for the past three months. I love Bach. I never realised this until now. Especially the B minor mass, especially the first Kyrie.

Myslovitz, a rocky-emo-type band who are probably more or less unknown outside Poland. Esp. Acidland, or Chlopcy.

Either Duffy (favourite song Warwick Avenue), who I listened to on repeat for the first couple of wintry months in Krakow after stealing her from my sister's mp3 player, or some kind of Latin band like the Orishas, after discovering salsa clubs as a sort of antidote to Polish winter, again.

Helen Brocklebank said...

City Road: how very dare you try to steal Vampire Weekend away from me by trying to pretend it's a 'fundamentally male kind of arch pop'.
I am aghast at your presumption. For your penance, you can write 800 words about the rules and tropes of the correct usage of the Oxford Comma.
(ok, admittedly, when I heard 'Horchata' for the first time, I thought they were singing 'In December, drinking *Hot Chocolate*, I looked psychotic in a balaclava'. Bonus ten points if you can tell me what Horchata is without looking it up on the internet.

Anyway, Waffle, my three songs are rather retro, I'm afraid.
Orpheus. David Sylvian
Was immensely fond of Japan when a nipper - I'm still searching for that exact shade of red lipstick worn by David Sylvian. Orpheus was all about discovering I had a voice. I don't mean a singing one - a writing one.
Sylvia Plath. Ryan Adams
Just nostalgia really. It's a beautiful song (Ryan Adams is a rich seam of beauty, if you've yet to discover him)
A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall. Bob Dylan
Ended up in a massive Dylan quote-off with Charlie McVeigh earlier this year, in which we discovered that there was a Dylan quote appropriate for absolutely any occasion. It reminded me how much Dylan I've listened to in my life, and why. A Hard Rain's a work of utter genius, even sung as a cover by Bryan Ferry (who doesn't seem to get the savagery of the lyrics really. Still, I like his version too)

It's not that I haven't listened to a lot of new stuff, it's just that these have been the ones on repeat the old iphone.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. 2009 was yet another year of not being able to let it go.
Triad - Jefferson Airplane

Lover you should have come over - Jeff Buckley

Accidental Babies - Damian Rice
You can find this on youtube, but it's a lousy live recording. Check it out on iTunes instead.

kathycastro said...

Mrs T, horchata is a rice-based Mexican drink (non-alcoholic) available in every burrito joint in town...but I may be cheating with my background.

My favorite music this year was:

1. Freek-a-leek by Petey Pablo. This song doesn't even exist in Europe, because it's the kind of hard-core Atlanta hip hop that doesn't seem to jump the Atlantic, but it's *awesome*. And filthy. Really really utterly filthy. And apparently it was released in 2004, but I just discovered it this autumn.

2. Uprising by Muse, which has been the soundtrack to every TV show, sporting event and commercial in the US for the past three months. At least the wee lads are making a bit of money off it! Plus I think the lead singer is a bit sexy, even if he is pocket sized.

3. Maxwell's new album 'BLACKsummers'night'. He gets extra points for apostrophe placement.

Honorable mentions to La Roux's In For the Kill, and to Morcheeba, who I was aware of as a concept but had never really listened to until the past couple of months.

Mr London Street said...

My favourite three tracks I discovered this year:

Meet Me In The Garden by Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele - not sure what to liken this to (since lazy music writing always does that, after all). Often compared to Jonathan Richman or Elvis Costello but a lot more fun than either of those. I played this to death and back in the early part of 2009.

Compilation Cassette by Darren Hayman. I wasn't sure why I bought his album "Pram Town", since a concept album about Harlow sounds like about the wankiest thing there is. But this song is an absolute treat, actually the whole record is.

Day Three Of Five by the Lucksmiths. Anybody who loves words and clever literate pop could do a lot worse than giving the Lucksmiths a spin. I was gutted that they split up this year, but their final album was up there with the best.

I bought my dad the Regina Spektor album for Christmas. He loves it. The mainstream is hers now, just like Vampire Weekend. They should collaborate.

Margaret said...

I can't answer this question now, because the only music I can think of at the moment is motherfucking Beyonce's motherfucking "Single Ladies," which has been in my head all freaking day. In the shower, drinking coffee, on the subway (both ways, for the love of God!), while I cleaned the kitchen, right this very moment. It will not stop. If it ever does, I'll answer.

Persephone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Persephone said...

Oh dear! Just three? I don't know if these are my favourites of 2009, but these were enough for me to stop what I was doing and say "Who the hell is that?":

The Fireman – "Sing The Changes". This is not from this year, but I heard this on Letterman for the first time last summer. I'm not a rabid Paul McCartney fan, but I think this one is rather lovely.

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - "I'm Falling". Heard this for the first time early this autumn. Probably not from this year either...

Mumford & Sons – "Winter Winds". Just heard this earlier this month.

I'm Canadian, so I feel compelled to sneak in some Can/Con:
"Calling to Say" (Serena Ryder is from Toronto, Ontario.)
and "So Gone Now" (Matt Andersen is from New Brunswick.)

We keep the days after Christmas from being dead by celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas, so we save 11 gifts to open each day until January 5th.

An Idiot said...

honestly. you people. i bet you were all sat around in slippers watching STING'S WINTER ARSING SONGBOOK. now none of you are going to like this, but it's for your own good:

You Got the Love by Florence and the Machine (XX Remix) appalingly offensive cover of an all-time classic, restored to epic wonderfulness by the addition of South London garage (1 point to Pochyemu).

Keep Watch Vol.XIV: Jack Beats Mix Can any of you spell dubstep? or dancehall? didn't think so.

We Gave It All Away And Now We're Taking It Back by Mungolian JetSet (the rest of the album sounds nothing like this record but i didn't want to scare you too much) Monumental, post-modern, live house music/funk/jazz/whatever. by Norwegians. be afraid.

Now i know this is the land of blog and we're all supposed to be wordy types but there is simply never any excuse for musical limpness. so take off your chunky knitwear, neck a couple of ginseng and wheatgrass martinis, shut down itunes and stop sitting around hoping the Carpenters are going to start releasing records again (i am reliably informed by industry insiders that this isn't going to happen).

i think the plan worked Waffle.

MadameSmokinGun said...

Am overjoyed by anything as re-done by The Chipmunks - especially things with swearing in them. Helium voices are every bit as funny the 1000th time round for me. I am puerile and proud.

PS Agree about Ryan Adams. Too long a silence. You never know if the next album will be heart-breaking beauty or mentally ill white noise but that's half the fun of it.

Did discover a 'new' (ie old) song - The Cape by Guy Clark. One of those this is what life is all about songs that change your whole psyche for 5 mins and then you go back to the same old shit until you play it again and .......

MadameSmokinGun said...

Chris you have deeply upset me. Mentioning 2 totally unmentionables in one post while I was smugly and chunkily knittedly writing mine.

Florence-nice-hair-great-stylist-god-awful-talentless-goose-impersonator and the over-blown- bland-shit-for-the-masses Machine was bad enough but did you really have to remind me of The Carpenters? It may have not been in praise but why even bring them up? No no no!!!!!!!! Not in my head!!!!!!

MadameSmokinGun said...

Sorry it's me again. There's actually nothing wrong with shit for the masses. I just hate it when it pretends to be arty.

JPM said...

For albums I got hooked on Party Intellectuals by Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog (not *that* blokey), Make the Road By Walking from Menahan Steet Band, and especially and at last Here Is What Is by Daniel Lanois. As for individual songs, I got stuck on Mick Jagger's Sweet Thing (not literally), Cocorosie's version of Kevin Lytle's Turn Me On and Royksopp's What Else Is There.
Happy New Decade!

Mr London Street said...

I'm especially gutted not to be at the New Year's Eve party 'Chris' is DJing, I can tell you.

Z said...

It just so happens that there have been exactly three musical discoveries this year - a lot more albums enjoyed, but these were the revelations -

Tom Waits - Alice. I'd got a few tracks of his before and enjoyed the use of "Way Down in the Hole" on The Wire - though didn't like all the versions. But I didn't entirely get him until my son gave me Alice and now I'm obsessed, rather to the unspoken distress of my husband who finds it just odd.

Shearwater - Rook. I already loved Okkervil River and bought this because it was recommended to me, as OR's Will Sheff formed Shearwater in collaboration with Jonathan Meiburg. Once you adjust to the counter-tenor (initial reaction tends to be "fuck me, he's singing falsetto!), it's fabulous, with disturbingly gloomy lyrics which suit me nicely.

Christian Gerhaher singing Mahler's lieder. I just didn't get lieder until the summer, when I heard him at one of the Snape Prom concerts. I love his voice and it suited the music beautifully. I've been working quite hard on liking Mahler this year, but had been failing until then. I listen to it over and over.

Next year's project will be modern classical music. I'm starting with minimalism and listening to John Adams ( and Short Ride in a Fast Machine are good to start with) and Philip Glass. I'm going to need something noisy as a counterbalance, which I haven't decided on yet.

Cardamon salted almond fudge sounds the best food in the world. It has most of my favourite flavours in it.

Waffle said...

See, this is why I don't do music posts, because noone plays nice. Continue, it's funny.

Z said...

What? Not had enough? I get obsessive, you know, especially about gloomy lyrics.

Okay, try The Mountain Goats then. If they don't drive you to cathartic misery, nothing will.

Anything new that's worth listening to forever may sound dire on first listen. Try it three times and if it's good it will grow on you.

An Idiot said...

ah MadameSmokingGun, it gives me no pleasure to do so, dear lady, no pleasure at all. if i could have summed up my favourite records of the year without mentioning that god-awful kate bush wannabe, i assure you i would have done so. sadly tho the maker has blessed her with some pretty decent pipes and we must simply be thankful that someone is using them as a force for good, rather than wasting them doing maudlin and occasionally poorly attributed cover versions of better artists work.

and sorry about mentioning a certain sibling woodworking duo. i may have gone too far there.

MrLondonStreet: "DJing"? how deliciously 1998 of you. I have come over all misty-eyed.

Also, minor style point: it is not technically necessary to put someone's name in inverted commas when it is *actually* their name.


Mr London Street said...

I'm sure you were quite the cutting edge muso in 1998 "Chris".

Sorry - Chris. Happy to take minor style points from a minor stylist.

An Idiot said...

you see? you were nearly there this time. unfortunately though, quotation marks would have been fine in this case as "Chris" is actually my middle name.

Waffle said...

Are you STILL pissing on each other's musical choices? Jesus. I had better write another post, and sharpish.

Margaret said...

Like me, my three selections are old, pathetic, a little sad and possibly arthritic:

1. The Beastie Boys. I shunned them the first time around because I was a little New Wave teenybopper, but I have seen the light and am currently applying for a license to ill.

2. Belly, "King." Just rediscovered. I do love Tanya Donelly.

3. The Owls, "Our Hopes and Dreams." So my yen for dreampop is clearly revealing itself. Yeah, I have a Jale CD, what of it? I just like it, OK? God.

4. There's been a lot of Tom Waits popping up on the shuffle (probably because my husband downloaded about fifteen albums) and this is the Year I Did Not Fast-Forward Tom Waits.

fourstar said...


1) 'Ego' - The Saturdays
Perfect pop writing, 80s arpeggiated synths and a suspended imperfect cadence into the chorus. That's it, right there, condensed into 3'07".

2) 'The Rat' - Black Sun Empire
Driving drum'n'bass, ideal for, er, driving. Possibly on a motorway in Holland. Or Belgium. Yes, Belgium.

3) 'Substitution' - Silversun Pickups
Lovely indie songsmithery, with a great video based around musical chairs. What more could you want?

Right, "Chris" and MrLondonStreet, handbags at the ready again...

carolinefo said...

1. The Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Much under-rated classic.A LOT of dark subtext in those lyrics.

2. To Be A Pilgrim.

Always truly inspirational

3. The Turkish national anthem.

They play it over loudspeakers at 5pm on Friday, and 5pm on Sunday, to mark the beginning and end of the weekend, and I have learned (if in the street) to stop walking and stand to attention as soon as it begins. Really. That stops people from throwing stones at you.

Persephone said...

So far Margaret's and Layla's responses are my favourites. I love "To Be a Pilgrim" too; I've got a great recording of Maddy Prior's version. It's got a beat and you can dance to it...

Les Tombay said...

See what you’ve done now, BW? See?! Of course you’re right, everyone loves to play this game! It’s such a wonderful opportunity to reveal a little of one’s character, just enough to (try to) appear ‘interesting’. And as if to disprove my point ...

... tied at third place (yes, I know that’s cheating but I don’t care) are 2 tracks by Flo’ & the Machine; Kiss With A Fist and My Boy Builds Coffins. I can’t choose between them, so that’s that. I did consider Rabbit Heart too but decided, it’s not its ubiquity that’s the problem, it’s simply, it’s too girlie and the video’s wubbish ...

... but then for me it’s retro stuff ...

... second place goes to Morrissey with First Of The Gang To Die, ‘cos I saw him for the first time this year outside The Smiths; this song was the highlight and I’ve been playing it weekly ever since ...

... but even more retro, first place goes to Del Shannon with Sister Isabelle. Following a day of cricket & ale in London this Summer, I stayed at a friend’s house and he played The Concept by Teenage Fan Club (here it is live in 2009 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6VCQVuqazk). Ages since I’d heard it, and I’d forgotten just how good they were, which reminded me of this magical EP they made with Frank Black, including the Del Shannon song Sister Isabelle. Inexplicably I’d never sought out the original before but following a quick search on YouTube I found it! But now I’ve lost it! :(

Anyway, the original turned out to be every bit as good as FB & TFC’s version, if not better, so 2009 became the year I finally discovered the original of a song I’ve loved for years. Santa very kindly brought me Del’s greatest hits, which is a collection of rather mediocre songs, with the exception, of course, of this absolute gem. In the absence of Del’s version here’s FB & TFC playing Sister Isabelle ...


carolinefo said...

D'you think men have ANY IDEA quite how unattractive it is when they start willy-waving about music?

Firestarter said...

Fight! Fight! Can somebody get Chris and Mr London Street to continue playing?

And can I join in the pedant fun by highlighting that:

a. Oxford Comma was soooo 2008. Mr Road, Mr Road, hang your head.

b. I'll take Mrs Trefusis's 10 points for knowing about horchata, and award myself an extra 10 for having drunk it in an horchata bar in Valencia, without vomiting. Alas, I deduct 20 points for having had to consult wikipedia for the usage of the Oxford comma.

c. finally, you're all fuckwits. The song of the year was clearly Zero by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Did you not get the memo?

ps Mr London Street - Chris told me that you smell. You're not going to let him get away with that are you?

Hänni said...

Funny, I did a top 10 of 2009 post last week and Regina Spektor and her adorable "Far" were totally on it.

I don't think this was an amazing year for music, but I loved:

1) the entire Regina album
2) the entire Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs "It's Blitz!" album
3) John Mayer single, "Who Says"

Jessica K said...

Still laughing about the "out-obscuring ourselves" line. Yes, I lived that.
Mrs. T - my very best friend and I have entire conversations in Dylan quotes. I still want the big bible of his lyrics.
Mine - not knew and no longer trying to impress:
Pity and Fear - Death Cab for Cuite
Goddamn Lonely Love - Drive By Truckers
Girl in the War - Josh Ritter

And Chris and Mr. London Street - I am enjoying this posturing while rolling my eyes.

An Idiot said...

fourstar: i would dearly love to beat you about the head with my handbag for your choice of the Saturdays, mildly convincing justifications notwithstanding, but i'm afraid i cannot attack an un-armed man and you are clearly dancing round yours.

Layla: that was not musical willy-waving. I actually rather liked Mr London Street's choices. that was good ol' fashioned common or garden willy-waving.

Firestarter & JessicaK: i love a good posture. i am the Alexander Technique of internet arguments

fourstar said...

@Firestarter: Yeah Yeah Yeahs are waaaaay overrated. I did get the memo, ripped it up into tiny pieces and fed it to the nearest cat. Sorry about that.

@Chris: I knew that would rile you. Prada clutches on Brockwell Park at dawn?

fourstar said...

@Layla: We don't do it to be attractive; we do it because we're RIGHT godammit.

H said...

Ahhhh, men arguing about music. My life has come to the internet.
I suddenly feel all at home and cosy. Mind if I get my dressing gown and settle in? Lovely.

Pochyemu said...

@fourstar You and the fucking Saturdays, I swear to god. I can't even roll my eyes hard enough. I MEAN REALLY.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Light posting sounds promising. Please no heady stuff, if would make me want to vomit.
Hung over but happy,
xx MM

Metropolitan Mum said...

It. Not if. Of course.

fourstar said...

@Pochyemu: Have you listened to it? It's a perfect piece of modern pop ephemera. Not once did I mention Frankie Sandford, not once*. Roll those eyes as much as you like; this was judged on power chord progressions, crisp drum programming and only the faintest hint of autotune.

* OK, now I have. Once.

auntiegwen said...

My Cheatin Heart - Glasvegas

Mountain - Biffy Clyro

Flower of Scotland - Scotland Rugby team any year and every year

Happy Hogmanay and hope you don't suffer too much on Ne'erday xxxx

MadameSmokinGun said...

Cheryl Cole anyone? Bless her.

By the way can any of you musical nazis out there clear up a family confusion? Rage Against the Machine - Xmas No 1 victory over X Factor and all that... Aren't they on the same label or under the same umbrella as the rest of Simon Cowell's little puppies? Need to know.

PS - Thank you for your apology Chris about the sugar-coated cardboard stomach-churner twins from Hades.... I may have over reacted. Been led away by a nice man. Going back to my knitting now. Blunt needles obviously.

figgylulu said...

my son gave me two good new CDs for Christmas one from Mumford and Sons and one from Noah and the Whale. Great names both and musically interesting. My other 2009 discovery was the Felice Brothers who the boyf loves. Saw them at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Like slightly more cheerful Tom Waits

fourstar said...

@MadameSmokinGun: Yes, they're both ultimately owned by Sony, but who isn't these days? I know I am.

Although clearly the campaign wasn't against the record label per se but against Cowell and his assault on the (increasingly meaninigless) charts.

Still, in my day it was all Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Plus ca change ,eh?

emily said...

why go - faithless featuring estelle

merry christmas mr laurence - Ryuichi Sakamoto

i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie :)

various happy memories and they make me smile - all found through spotify - which may be my website of the year, can not reccommend enough

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Would have to be Florence for me - Something frsh and very pagan, and yes I do get the KTBush and Ms Nicks references, but I love them too!

Please, please, please go to see John Smith in London if any of you like folk at all (by which I mean Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes kind of things). Mr Smith is phenomenal and his new album Map or Direction is the best you can do if you can;t see him live. His Green Man is my favourite.

Finally, really love Jace Everett's theme used in True Blood - I want to do bad things to you - Sassy!

Hope 2010 brings you peace and less stress, Madame Wafflette and Sons x

Jon said...

ok. new and old stuff I've found....

DJ Shadow - The Private Press
Deerhunter - Microcastle
Gorillaz Demon - Demon Days (why has it taken me till naughty nine??)

One for you Emma, its not new or anything but I usually go through long periods when i listen to Deus' The Ideal Crash. Belgium's finest musical export? and no one's heard of em for shame.

And, for those of you with spotify check out Willy Deville - hey joe. mariaaaachi

fourstar said...

@Jon: Private Press is a brilliant album, great call :)

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