Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Photo nonsense

This is just to say that I haven't had access to gmail for several days, so if you have written and I haven't replied, it's not deliberate rudeness. I will prevail, eventually. After all, I am the holder of the COMPETENCE TROPHY:

(This is the instruction manual for my decrepit oven; too hilarious. I insisted the wafflechild take a picture, as it's undoubtedly the only Competence Trophy I'll ever get)

Here, since we're having a photo, have some bonus strawberry Mannekin Pisses. If that's the plural of Mannekin Pis. Ugh.

They had pissing children in every flavour you can imagine.

Proper post later, honest.


Ami said...

Please explain more about the pisses. Is this some strange Belgian confection? Congrats on the competence manual! I'm sure I'll never hold one in this lifetime.

Lisa-Marie said...

I am really quite pleased to hae found you blog. I just laughed so, so hard at the pisses!

That's Not My Age said...

Ah yes, the famous Belgian statue de pis - didn't realise there was a chocolate version! Something for the Christmas stocking, no?

Views from the UK 2006 said...

Nice to see you back on top form, made me laugh, very witty post.

Rusty Hoe said...

So where do you get that manual? That is the closest I'd ever get to any form of competence. Relatively new to the waffle world but love your blog.