Saturday, 17 October 2009

Holiday guest post

I did a guest post here today. I might be back later with something else. Fingers and I are off on a dangerous navigation mission to the English Shop MILES away in the depths of the countryside, which will almost certainly end in tears even before it ends in Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Lashes has put his pyjamas back on (it's 2pm) for a crappy tv marathon. The CFO, nursing the blackest, most horrible of hangovers, has joined him. We are almost certain to find the pair of them haven't moved a single muscle when we eventually get home around midnight.


Fat Controller said...

We also have an English Shop (of sorts) here. Guess what I always buy every time, if nothing else?

Yup, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I delude myself that they are better for me than the ordinary ones because you don't have to put sugar on them

Margaret said...

Oh, girl. That teen holiday story is *excruciating*. Why do the English love their country vacations so? It's always gray and damp and mildewy sounding. I have these lovely, sun-filled, warm memories of summers in Vermont and you have...chilly and damp Scottish islands. You know, if you were American you could sue your parents. You deserve six-figure reparations.

L. said...

Margaret, it's a good thing you didn't spend any *winter* vacations in Vermont. That's where I live and I'm looking down the black tunnel of the winter season right now with extreme dread. (No, I don't ski, why do you ask?)

Agreed though--as a teen a vacation is much improved if you at least visit a city. You can slink behind your parents and pretend you're not associated, maybe even get out on your own to ... I don't even remember, what do teens do anyway? Shop, I think, maybe scout out members of the opposite sex if one is daring, which I wasn't?

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