Sunday, 6 September 2009

What I Wore Today

India recently alerted me to this very wonderful thing here. Or here, if you don't have Flickr access at work, yes Corridor of Ennui I am looking at you.

You know I just couldn't resist. And I want you all to do it too, please. Er, you also know I am shit at drawing AND technical stuff AND I don't have a scanner, so this is frankly risible. BUT HEY. We'll just call it outsider art, okay (you can click on them to see them bigger, technoretards like myself)?

First, brain twin M did one of me in London (the weepette is artistic licence; the beetle isn't).

Then I did my own in Brussels. Spot the difference?

Go on, do it. You get to play with felt tips and everything.


Kate said...

I've spent the day in a fuzzy, red robe and 2 pairs of socks. won't bother drawing it for you. very sad that my fete entry ideas haven't panned out yet. dammit. can't believe i'm going to miss it again.

Chic Mama said...

Haha...very nice.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I was in my nightie and knickers until 4, does that count? Or am I just an incorrigible slob, JW?

katyboo1 said...

I like the daft shoes. You should market them. The name says it all.

@eloh said...

Can I draw myself thin and blonde with no wrinkles? Or is that cheating?

Z said...

Okay, I have done it. Sadly, I can't draw at all but at least it gave me the chance to give myself thin ankles.

Insomniac Mummy said...

Am tempted....

Loving the daft shoes, food stains and particularly thr Hag Bra.


The Spicers said...

Have you patented the HagBra?

Some of the Flickr artists are intimidatingly great! Love this idea.

peevish said...

The food stains. God, the food stains. I am your sister of food stains. On the bright side, your lipstick is the perfect shade.

LittleDoodles said...

I'm a bit addicted to contributing to the what I wore today group, it makes my choice of slobby comfy clothes slightly more legitimate!

Lucy Fishwife said...

On Sunday I didn't set a foot outside, and consequently wore: the T-shirt which is so old and disgustingly stained I should throw it away but it makes my boobs look lovely so I wear it to do moddle faice in mirror (and have imaginary conversations with Hugh Jackman) when alone; the cropped trousers I had an unwise fabric paint/stencil moment on and now have dandelions too close to the crotch; and Mr Fishwife's gym socks. Hot stuff!

Waffle said...

Kate - this isn't the sartorialist, draw us your robe, dammit. Or sculpt it in bread.

Woman - no, you are LUCKY. Not required to go to a Ju Jitsu display by a giant red faced man in a park at 10am.

Katyboo - M&S's finest, them.

@eloh - of course you can. You can give yourself extra limbs even, if you wish.

Z - I liked your pic. Those ankles would send a Victorian gentleman into a paroxysm of lust.

Insomniac Mummy - Bra approved by HAGS and hideous beyond description.

Iheart - I think the harridans at Rigby & Peller already have, though possibly not under that name.

Peevish - I just didn't have a pen that was the right shade of pouty bloodless pink, sadly.

Kate - Ooh, must go and check yours out now.

Lucy F - moddle faice! How I love doing my moddle faice, usually while posing precariously on the edge of the bath or on the loo seat. I think we should start a flickr group or meme of our ridiculous moddle poses.

Lucy Fishwife said...

You're on. Will start the lengthy and oath-ridden procedure that accompanies any attempt to take photo, email photo to self, post photo.

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