Sunday, 27 September 2009

Prelapsarian Sunday

Go out, get drunk, have fun. Get two hours sleep. Have a cup of tea. Have a horrible, horrible apocalyptic morning. Have a little cry.


Get in the car. Put spawn in the car. Put weepette in the car. Worry about residual blood alcohol levels. Check number of extant wing mirrors. Exult, secretly, in number of extant wing mirrors.

Drive barely ten minutes through Brussels and arrive somewhere that looks like this:

(I LOVE this place)

Park half on the pavement. Unload children, unload dog.

It's the hippies' special once a year open day. Not only that, in keeping with tradition, the hippies have virtually the best weather of the year. 25° and sunny. Go hippies!

Down the same teeny tiny pathways as the past three years. Push the thought of next year away.

Ooh, this bit is good.

Through the jungle. Watch out for the deadly whitedread snake. Its bite is filled with deadly tofu venom.

Past the accordeonists.

Goodness, two accordeons? How.. piercing. They way they make both my eardrums judder discordantly, shaking my caipirinha sodden brain loose? Special.

Fail to find a polite way to refuse a sardine. Hold a sardine between thumb and forefinger trying to work out how to eat. Assaulted by giant slippery sardine organ on first bite. Gag. Discreetly feed sardine remains to dog.

Show compensatory enthusiasm for pasteis de nata.

Lose weepette in a field as it discovers heretofor deeply buried 'running fast' instinct. Instinct insufficiently developed to prevent weepette from running after, and frightening, horse. Follow the sound of terrified screaming to speedy dwarf dog.

Lose children.

Find children up a tree at a story telling workshop, dropping sweet wrappers into someone's hemp backpack.

Send children off to paint bucolic, hippie friendly scenes.

Lose weepette, lose children. Repeat until overcome. Slink into shady corner away from the jaunty sounds of the tambourine. Children return when they need money. Weepette is eventually escorted back, bedraggled, coated in grenadine syrup and smelling strongly of sardine.

Enjoy, truly.


Anonymous said...

how marvellous - particularly like the painting of the GIANT MONSTER, he will do well at art college.

Have actually been waiting for you to post - so I hope that makes you feel all special, like mariah carey or the pope or someone for whom people wait anxiously.

Am eyeing eurostar vouchers and pondering belgium still. it calls, in both french, german and flemish - like some terribly confused international saga holiday mixer party.

I have just tidied my room - I always do this and then light it prettily and look and think 'perhaps one day *_____________* will come back to this room and be pleased with the way I have arranged my virgin mary collection and will gasp at the sheer breadth of my bookshelf. Until now though I have tidied it for noone in particular, so I will dedicate it to you - Mother Waffle, Patron saint of 23 year old homosexualists, hippies, rude confectionary and, least importantly - Belgium.


Grit said...

...but fields and woods are good for the soul, are they not? they only sometimes come with added hippies. and you know what we call a kid-focused day like that round here, of course.

mountainear said...

Sounds like rather a lovely way to spend a day - when my children were small hippies came as standard and one didn't have to go to some sort of hippie place to find them - they sort of roamed the streets. I think we might have found capitalists and even Belgians quite exotic.

Am disapointed to find that wf is boring ol' 'bankel' and not something like 'peaceman'

The Spicers said...

What a wonderful painting. He shows real promise as an artist.

Margarita @ said...

I enjoyed the pictures. I would love to have visited hippies with you... Sounds like you had a great day (sardines and all!)

Margaret said...

I loathe both hippies and nature and yet this sounds divine.

Metropolitan Mum said...

'Send children off to paint bucolic, hippie friendly scenes.' Ha. It's always nice to see children behaving as they are told.

Soda and Candy said...

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I love the monster painting!

Hänni said...

Hooray for hippies ... and for horse sense, of which weepette apparently doesn't have any. Glad you all came back in one piece (though the same cannot be said for your sardine).

westendmum said...

Are YOU secretly a hippie?
WEM xx

Unknown said...

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