Friday, 18 September 2009

Miscellaneous, linky, whatever

I am going away for the weekend. We are going to a bed & breakfast in deepest Picardy to celebrate (ahem, as best we can) the CFO's imminent 40th birthday. Here. It looks deceptively smart on the website. It is more ramshackle when you get there. It is run by two brothers who bellow at each other all the time and try and sell you their farm buildings. But they have goats and chickens and ponies and baby rabbits and a donkey you can take for walks. It should be ok.

I wrote this for 4mations if you need something to read. Or you could go and read some of the excellent stuff in the sidebar. New for La Rentrée Littéraire 2009 include the following:

Mr London Street does British male beautifully; acerbic with a heavy streak of self-deprecation. He's funny.

Texts from Last Night swither from horribly funny to repulsive. They make me feel good about my own pathetic transgressions.

And I think we should encourage Gina and Scott with their 'joint blog about bad musicals' idea. Also, I want to freak Gina out by linking to her again. Boo Gina!

I really enjoyed this too this week.

Finally, this.

Red 'circles' (I get more inept by the day) to highlight the salient points.

Point 1: Oh look! An infant school welcoming children aged 2 and a half and upwards

Point 2: Goodness, what's that poster?

Let's look a little closer...

Point 3: Oh look! A poster - no, four posters - for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist! How lovely.

"Cannes' most shocking film ever, eh?" Yes. The one where Charlotte Gainsbourg removes her own clitoris with a pair of rusty scissors.

I'd like you all to take a moment and think of some of the conversations the parents of Uccle are having with our 2-11 year olds about Willem Dafoe's naked arse on top of Charlotte Gainsbourg and a tree full of severed hands and body parts.

Prize for the most plausible PG rated explanation for this poster to be given to inquisitive children. I'm back on Sunday.



Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for posting..

Soda and Candy said...

Hahahaha, fantastic.

Whatever, the Europeans are supposed to be all cool about nudity aren't they? Maybe Belgian parents are like "Never mind about the poster, Hercule*, here have some chocolate."

*Because the only Belgian I know is the fictional Hercule Poirot.

redfox said...

Hard to go too far wrong with bellowing brothers and donkeys to take on walks. It sounds as if it would be nicely complimented by a reading of Cold Comfort Far.

redfox said...


The Spicers said...

I've got nothing for the poster.
It's almost as bad as the time I had to explain the giant photos of bloody fetuses that abortion protesters were holding up in front of our favorite bakery (next to Planned Parenthood).

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Enjoy le Weekend, JW - I hope it brings positive strokes of soft, yielding animaux - There is nothing mieux, non?! All of our love...

Jessica K said...

Um, "This is how they grow people?".
Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

@ Soda and Candy

WTF? What about me?

Rene Magritte

Soda and Candy said...

Dear M. Magritte,

Please forgive me, I have definitely heard of you and enjoy your work but was unaware of your Belgianosity.


Margaret said...

Distract them with ice cream. In general, I use carb-rich foods to manipulate the attention of my occasional babysitting victims. Missing Mommy? Gruesome movie poster? Fornicating guinea pugs in the children's room of the library? Much like Colt 45, it works every time.

Gina said...


Now I'm popular for a couple of days. This is exciting.

Unknown said...

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