Friday, 17 July 2009

Tired, hungry, mad AND stabby

I am Too Stabby to Blog. This never happens. I blame the hippies. Ok, if I were to use my patented mood explanation system I might come to the conclusion that I am hungry and have not had enough sleep. But I am too grumpy for that right now. And the competing sounds of Frank Zappa and Galactik Football are not helping. It is unfortunate, too, as I have a heap of excellent FĂȘte entries to show you. I will do them tomorrow after an evening spent snarling at anyone who comes near me.

Here. Have a few photos instead. They are from the hippiefest. Whilst we were spared Poi antics, there was an extended sequence of shadow puppetry. Brrr.

On this last picture you can see the slightly disturbing figure of the charismatic bald hippy leader, Fabrice, whose peculiarly feminine bootcut jeans gave me a funny turn, and not in a good way. He looks like a cult leader in training. Oh! And it turns out the boiled felt woman, his partner in aesthetic crime, is called, wait for it, "Emo".

Ok, now the spawn are chasing the weepette around the house with their shadow puppets. The weepette is reacting with craven terror, entirely appropriately, whimpering and hiding under my chair. I am going to save him. At least one person in this household should be safe from the menace of street theatre and related arts.


Lisa said...

If one can't feel safe from street theater and related arts, then one should probably just go hide in the closet and chew some man's shoes.

I'm talking about the weepette, of course.

Mya said...

Hippiefest looks good.Wash the children thoroughly.

westendmum said...

Gosh, you sound just like Anna Wintour.

redfox said...

Perhaps add one to patented mood system: Have I been exposed to free jazz recently?

If I were feeling remotely stabby to start with, boy, the merest hint of free jazz would render me nearly catatonic with stab.

Completely Alienne said...

Hippies have a lot to answer for; bloody Steve Hillage and Orb could render me homicidal in minutes.

Keep the poor weepette safe and be glad the boys enjoyed themselves.

Ooooh wv is witch! Shd have been emo!

Completely Alienne said...

BTW - I will be passing through Brussels with my teenagers 3 times at end of August (1) en route to Amsterdam (2) coming back to go on to Bruges and then (3) on the way home. I can't remember precise dates at the moment except that we will be coming home on 30/08 (stuck in my mind as such a lovely way to spend my birthday). OMG - haven't booked cat lady yet either, must do that tomorrow. I expect I have managed to ensure we will be stuck in Bruxelles Midi for several hours at some point, I have no coordination and usually manage to do something like that. I will check details and e-mail you to see if meeting up is possible.

M. said...

I am so calling my child Emo.
Emo Poi Poi D.

Not Waving but Drowning said...

Love the French bitch. She soooo looks the part,


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