Saturday, 18 July 2009

Fête Roundup - Week One

Week one of the Village Fête and all ready the entries are dribbling in.

From Topo Tales "Scapi, disguised as a French bitch, enjoys a drive in the countryside near Colmar".

Vegetable stuff

A strategic choice from Bevchen, echoing last year's "Special" winner, the grape bee with "Aubergine Bee".

Also in exciting vegetable news EDITH ZIMMERMAN has agreed to judge this category! Poor, poor Edith.


Gina has subcontracted fête entry to her friend Scott's mum, with "Poop cupcake". Gina, come ON. You can do this yourself. Just, you know, pick up a dog, or a few bulldog clips and CREATE. GO GINA.

Administrative shit

Oh! And thank to Sinda we now have a Flickr group for Village Fête photos. It gets stuck in the obscenity filter or something but persist! There is nothing worse than arse biscuits on there. I am a lazy slug so uploading entries is a slow business requiring many breaks for staring into space and small bags of Chocolate Buttons. If you are less of a lazy slug than me, just put your own photos on. Please.


Gina said...

But there are extenuating circumstances! Everything I own is on a truck traveling across country! *Surely* one gets credit for participation-mid-cross-country-moving.

My attempts at packing tape sculpture have not been terribly fruitful.

Jaywalker said...

You still have time Gina. The whole of the village fête is rooting for you. Pressure, PRESSURE.....

livesbythewoods said...

I started thinking of what to do for this year's entry, but got sidetracked with science fiction horror photostories.

Will be submitting something soon though. I have a reputation to maintain!

Oh dear lord, my verification word is UNFISTID. Bejeebus.

the mama bird diaries said...

That second photo is FABULOUS

bevchen said...

Love the second photo.

Ohh, I didn't know a bee had won last year. And there was me thinking I was being original!

peevish said...

Well, as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. I might get my shit together enough to contribute something but already these entries are humbling. That french bitch is wonderful and a bit Grey Gardens. Also, now I want to knit a cowl, or whatever that thing is called. Nathan help me.

Jaywalker said...

Peevish - pah, false modesty from the OVERALL SUPERAWESOME 2008 WINNER. You will triumph again, I just know it. A cowl could be fun; maybe one with a face?

Helena said...

Pah! That bee may have wings, but where's the sting eh? eh?
It's a safety bee. much less fun for the kids. ;-)

Jaywalker said...

No, Helena! It did have a sting. A GARLIC CLOVE sting. I just got lazy before I uploaded that picture. Sorry Bevchen.

Helena said...

A garlic clove sting is the best idea. Awesome bee Bevchen!
Looks like it actually required some 'effort' though *shudder*. That word is foreign around these parts.

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