Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cat's arse

I had plans, I swear to you I had plans. We were supposed to go and visit the baby elephant.

But no. Here we are at home doing hideous handicraft projects, including one involving chocolate dough that is now attached to every fibre of my person. The dog is vomiting "alien DNA" according to his small tormentors.

So instead of doing anything sensible, we did cat's arse faces. Weepettes, it transpires, are not very good at making a face like a cat's arse.

Join in! Or not. It's optional.
And now I have to go because people are fighting and coating each other with chocolate dough and there are fugly bread rolls that need to be taken out of the oven and small limbs are wrapped around my back as I type trying to liberate loose change from my pockets and god knows what else.
Yeah, this is more how I remembered the school holidays.


Parisgirl said...

I have just three words for you...Centre de Loisirs. Get that inscription form in quick before the wind changes.

lucia martinez said...

excellent, thank you! will resume penance immediately.

Red Shoes said...

I forever love you, Jaywalker. Forever and ever and ever. Will post my own cat's arse photo soon for you.

(only 2 comments all day? perhaps cat's arse is not as popular as I thought it would be. strange.)

screamish said...

mmmmmmmm niiiice......

Grit said...

but consider yourself a home educator! round here we would be delighted with this day's achievements!

Mya said...

My cat, Edwina, has a much less endearing arse.

It's day one in the 'How the fuck are we going to amuse him for two months?' house - and I'm feeling a bit lost.

Mya x

livesbythewoods said...

Your cats' arse face is far and away the best. Well done!

The hound isn't even trying, is he? Honestly.

Mwa said...

Nice one! Besides, the zoo in THAT temperature??? Lucky escape.

screamish said...

ha! Grit is showing her true colours, now....

Juci said...

The weepette's muzzle is clearly not compatible with a cat's arse, but the rest of you are enormously talented.

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