Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Adventures of Derek the Boring Bird Part III

Previously in the adventures of Derek the Boring Bird, Derek had narrowly averted catastrophe by careful checking of the dimensions of the bath. What next?


Juci said...

Genius. We are so unworthy.

justme said...

Love, love, LOVE Katyboo! She is genius! Declare her the winner now? No one could do better.
Just my view....

Mrs Jones said...

God, Derek sounds just like my husband....I'm scared now....

Anonymous said...

Love it. The excitement! The legwarmers! *fans self*

katyboo1 said...

Thank you

The legwarmers are my favourite bit too. That Jane, she's a terror!

bonnie-ann black said...

after such a brilliant entry, i no longer have the heart to try and enter the Fete -- i shall retire and wait for next year.

Particulary loved the door that said, "No time wasters; No pigs."

Ali said...

Oh wow. Katyboo is a genius. I was chilled to my core by the mention of the horrors of Kendall mint cake. Vomitous stuff! I hope the rest of the fete is able to maintain this standard!

bevchen said...

Oh, oh, oh. It's absolutley brilliant! Declare her the winner of the miscellaneous category right now! Nobody is going to be able to top that, ever!

I have something for you too. Pretty feeble in comparison to Katy's but it took me ages to carve so it's getting entered anyway. Enjoy!

kathycastro said...

Oh my, I could feel the frisson as I read faster and faster in the fear that the crispbreads had been sold earlier that morning. Phew!

Is it possible to move Katyboo to the new category of "Overall Fete Winner" so someone else might have a ghost of a chance in the Miscellaneous category??

I wasn't going to comment at all, feeling unworthy, but the word verification is "mente," so I thought it was a sign...

GingerB said...

Derek is so beautiful. I am afraid my diaper based entries will not impress you all so much.

Home Office Mum said...

Bravo. So out of the loop of the whole fete malarkey but Derek must be sent to a publisher forthwith.

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