Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Springtime in Belgium

I am actually very cheerful today, and it's a damn good thing, because look at this:

Uccle looks so beautiful tonight, like a fairytale kingdom. On evenings like this I feel privileged to live in such a gorgeous place.

As I type, the weepette, who has agonised for much of the last few hours over whether it can bear to get wet, dithering by the back door whining gently, is wedging itself under the bench outside to eat a rain softened snout. It is alternating this with flopping like an abandoned crêpe on the chair, its whole body collapsed in resignation. Look!

I wish my limbs did that. So expressive.

The scene in the waffledome is similarly edifying, strewn with the confetti of newspaper the weepette has spent the day shredding, abandoned shoes, fragments of Kinder toy. The kitchen in particular is a thing of beauty and a joy forever in the sepulchral June light:

No matter. The small waffles have foraged for their own dinner of Hula Hoops, tar, toothpaste and Haribo. I have chased them to bed with threats, bribes and promises of Calpol. I am self-medicating with the British answer to everything: toasted stuff and cups of tea. Who needs a kitchen anyway?

Fleetingly, as I shove doughy muffins with very very salty butter mechanically down my gullet half staring bewildered at 'Peter and Katie go Stateside' and half fidgeting on the internet, I am reminded that we have not booked a holiday yet this year.

But then, what could be finer than Uccle in the summer? Trips to the scorched earth of the parc du caca, alternating with tottering to the ice cream shop named after male genitalia? I mean, could it get any better? I defy you to tell me how.


Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, I note that you buy the exact same lemons as I do.

That is all.

WrathofDawn said...

It could not get any better. I personally plan on having a "staycation." Not because I want to, but because of the monies. There are none monies. *le sigh*

The Spicers said...

I haven't booked a holiday either, and it doesn't look promising for this summer.

lisahgolden said...

We could do a continental swap. I'll take the fun and games of dog, needy kitchen, and gloom. You can have disdainful cats, heat and humidity with blood sucking flying things (not bats, bigger) and a tidy kitchen overrun with magical ants.

We can decide later whether or not to swap kids while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

The last time I was in Belgium, which was 3 summers ago, it was SO DAMN HOT that I almost melted! I had brought clothes for a "normal" Belgian summer, and did not expect that season-of-roasting-hell that descended upon residents and unsuspecting tourists alike.

So, enjoy the lower temps and rain at the moment, because it will switch on you. Belgium is like that, I'm told.

I'm going to Greece and Istanbul in 22 days. Yes, I'm counting the sleeps.

Bath bun said...

I would gladly swap the summer "holiday" touring England visiting the relatives for staying at home in Uccle. It can even be relaxing if the kids are signed up for stages.

Z said...

Your kitchen is so much tidier than mine, dammit.

katyboo1 said...

You could have two weeks in an empty house in Norfolk if you like? It would be free, but you would be screamming to get back to Uccles within half an hour.

bevchen said...

I want your kitchen!
Also, tea and toast is the best.

Welsh Girl said...

I'm off for a week to Menorca at the end of the month - how about swapping the Belgian Rain for Welsh rain? I can't promise a tidy kitchen but the Weepette would like it. The Loyal Hound would leave his beds made and his toys out for playing...

Mya said...

I don't think the weepette needs a holiday, he looks pretty relaxed already. You're welcome to come and stay with us - I could torture you with mud and green stuff and force feed you vegetables. I read, with horror, your story of the party. Mylene Farmer, simply too weird.You did well to avoid Clo Clo with dance moves,Marc Lavoine, Patricia Kass and someone I think is called something like Linda Levant -a poppy eyed, guitar playing freak who alarmed me so much with her strangled, adenoidal vocal style, I nearly passed out. And Patric Bruel - he used to be a footballer, it explains his singing voice. Casser la voix - or whatever it's called...they always wheel it out on the talent shows, all lame histrionics and fake sentiment. Are you sensing how much I hate it?
Enjoy Uccle in the rain, it looks most appealing in a damp way.
Mya x

Word verification is, weirdly, Wirral - perhaps the internet fairy is suggesting a holiday destination for you?

monk said...

Firstly, Mya, I simply can't accept that avoiding Clo Clo and the dance moves is something to to be praised. No siree. Think of how the party might have ended - all of you in joyous spandex and dancing in happy happy union.

Secondly, what with Mini-Europe and Bruxelles les bains, I think Brussels can cater to all your summer holiday needs. Save up the cost of family holiday to spend on emergency (solitary) Eurostar getaways.

monk said...

And what the fuck IS this weather?

Anonymous said...

I have developed a Theory just to cheer myself up as I don't think we can afford a mega-buck holiday this year ... the Theory is that in Theory the weather in Bx is better in July and August than it is in January and February ... therefore stay here for the summer and go away in deepest winter.
I think this sounds good although the only ones who appreciated the weather here for the last two summers were the Slugs In My Garden. I am now committing Slugicide by giving them Maes every night - did you know Slugs were alcoholics?

Fat Controller said...

Springtime in Belgium looks spookily like springtime in Denmark right now, only we get howling gales too, so the rain is horizontal.

Irene said...

It's just as bad over here in Maastricht and I have no monies either and would not want to trade with you. Besides, I like my dog better than yours.

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