Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kai Mook

I'm all out of words today even though I have, FINALLY, been to Bruges. It rained. But look at Kai -Mook (it pains me intensely to link to the Telegraph, but it was the only English language link I could find)!

Yes. I am a month late showing you photos of this baby elephant. But a late baby elephant is better than no baby elephant at all, no? Believe me, today, a late baby elephant is an achievement. Let us hope for better things tomorrow.


Sinda said...

That is THE CUTEST ELEPHANT I have ever seen. And my youngest one is quite an elephantophile, so I've seen many.

So cute. Thank you - hope your days improves. I'm getting ready to go visit Peevish!!

justme said...

I thank you! That is lovely. Sadly, the Baby elephant at Whipsnade, Donaldson, has just died of some nasty elephant virus. Here is hoping this one stays wonderfully healthy

Irene said...

I just want to pick him up and cuddle him and kiss him all over, but I'm sure it would be a tough job. I can hardly pick up my cocker spaniel and he doesn't have a long trunk and a watchful mother.

monk said...

Late? You call a month late? You are waaaay ahead of Phyo-Phyo. Her keepers probably still haven't realised it's born yet. Maybe we should tell Cedric...

Sending some words your way xx

Mya said...

My crap internet won't load up the picture so I am going to have to use my limited powers to conjure up an accurate image of a month old baby elephant in my head. Is it Indian or African? I must get the ears right.

Hang in there, sweetie.

Mya x

bevchen said...

I now want a baby elephant. Not sure what i plan to do with it when it's a grown up elephant mind...

redfox said...

I love how APPALLED he looks in that first photo. It is all rather appalling, isn't it, little elephant? Indeed it is.

Marie said...


On consultation with my friends who are mothers, I have decided that a late baby elephant is probably no fun at all for the mummy elephant. Ouch.

M. said...

I am offline one day - ONE DAY - and this is what happens.
That elephant is not cute he is CRAZED and possibly a zombie and he will eat your brain and crush you underfoot and you know it. Though possibly not in that order. Look at the malevolent intent in the first picture. And the suspiciously angular curvature of his trunk. Crazed.

Jules said...

So cute! Hope to see more photos of her?! Thanks for sharing, have a good day.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

L'aime said...

completely adorable

Hope your days get better and full of words

Red Shoes said...

I feel as though this is a message. A secret S.O.S. The elephant as symbol for the events of the day.. but I may be reading too much into it as it is also the most precious, precious small baby animal with giant mama, bless it's precious heart. Perhaps it is only me who needs rescuing, as I am very self-absorbed and my life is tipping over scarily and I might see only that in everything.

In any event, may the days improve quickly and may all be well.

Sending my love.

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