Friday, 10 April 2009

Lauren Laverne gets paid to do this in Grazia.

Today isn't really happening yet, so as a temporary stop gap can I recommend you take a look at the following?

'Tweet like Tim Westwood day' is just killing me (but it won't if you've never heard him speak. This might help. This is even better.)

As, in a different way, is Schumtzie's spoof William Carlos Williams post. Go. Compose alexandrines. Laugh.

I don't know if you've explored my blogroll recently, but can I recommend 2 fairly recent discoveries?

Not Waving but Drowing - this woman has had a seriously interesting life and she writes very affectingly about her life her husband, recently diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (a sort of pre-Alzheimers), her (and his) family, and living in a tiny village in France.

Steam me Up Kid - Steamy is so funny it's slightly unfair, I think, on the rest of us. And then, damn her, she goes and writes something clever and moving about her father because one outrageous talent is not enough for her. Then, on top of that, she turns her most recent post into a genre-busting 'blogventure'. STOP IT. It's just greedy. Noone likes a show off, Steamy. You Have Been Warned.

You could do worse than read some Don Marquis on a sunny Friday. I like The Lesson of the Moth (and it makes me feel bad about my various crimes against moths) and we read The Song of Mehitabel at my mother's funeral. It was my brilliant sister's idea. Toujours gai.

Then, can I recommend you listen to this for pure joy.

I will be back. Promise. But my whole life smells of dog food right now and I have to do something about it, because the scent of dead voles is really not a spur to creativity.


Persephone said...

Oh gawd... that Alexandrie Alexandra thing gave me some bad ol' aerobics dance-class flashbacks.

I used to convert people to Don Marquis by reading it out loud to them. They couldn't get past Archy's punctuation, so I would give them a rendition of "archy interviews a pharoah" and they'd say they'd try reading it. I hope they did.

Just how old is Tim Westwood? At least Dick Clark never pretended that he was cool...

Jaywalker said...

He's 51 Persephone! Imagine..

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Ah Clo-Clo - and that dance - I always thought it made them look as though they were a trifle rheumatic...

Lovely though... Such memories! Enjoy the spa!

Artichoke Queen said...

I love WCW with a passion that almost can't bear to see him spoofed, but the spoofs were kind. Very nice, I approve. I wish he were taught more in Europe as most of my friends have never heard of him, whereas in the US he's not quite Frost or Whitman, but close.

Jaywalker said...

Woman - their dancing is so poor. That is what makes it so appealing, no?

AQ - it is very sweet and respectful. More of a homage. Also, you are my hero today and YOU KNOW WHY.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

A-HA!! I've solved the mystery of why I had triple the number of pageviews today. You wield great power, Belgie.

Also, thank you for those nice things you said.


Schmutzie said...

Thanks for the shout out!

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