Saturday, 14 February 2009

Spot the inadvertent Cakewrecks homage..

Oh lord. This is just horrible. The spotty bits are clumps of edible glitter. You should see it in real life - it GLOWS. I cannot be trusted with glitter. Or, it would seem, with the spelling of basic one syllable words.

However! Razzamatazz's boyfriend,


And then the enfants got hold of it. Their version is actually better.

That is all.


Helen Brocklebank said...

it's beautiful and sentiment is strangely touching on a cake: goodness, you are talented! Reminds me of something I saw at the Saatchi thingy... am i thinking it's very Tracy Emin? too brilliant anyway and too brilliant to eat. should be entered for turner prize instead. Am wondering whether one of your cakes could be hommage to Grayson perry? Hunca Munca in kitchen smashing plaster hams. am watching cbeebies by myself. Sorry about this turning into enormous essay. xxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous cake! Is that ex-best friend or did you forgive her/him?

Anonymous said...

Jaywalker, you have excelled yourself. Like Mrs Trefusis, I think it is a work of art (version originale, and 2.0). Thank you. I am touched to my fondant core.

Parisgirl- still best friend. I'm not sure if that makes me patient, loyal or a doormat, but after 16 years it's too late to find out, I think.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mrs. Trefusis has it spot on, something of the Tracey Emin tent about it, only better because of the perishable aspect of foodstuffs. I feel this reflects the fleeting and temporary nature of romantic love..
I think there is an opportunity here, if not for a Turner prize, at least for a new art blog.

H said...

It's a cake on a beach. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Also, OMG I get it (so slow)- the cake *is* the glitterball. Genius.
Am dancing, already.

ptooie said...

That is fabulous. You are so much more talented then you let on!

Liberty London Girl said...

Quick. Get Charles Saatchi on the line...LLGxx

katyboo1 said...

It is glorious. It reflects the chaotic nature of true love in all its glory. It is blushing yet passionate, lumpy yet smooth. It is marvellous.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely, and those words, so lovingly applied to baked goods, touched my heart. You are an artiste.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fabulous. Both versions. And I detest the colour pink so that's saying something!

Waffle said...

Why, thank you all. I like the idea of 'Let them eat their words', Mothership, but it would lead to total relationship breakdown within days. The CFO finds cake decorating one of my most trying activities.

Razzamatazz - I am so glad it works for you. Hope you danced all night with that wonderful man.

Helena - the beach is my back yard (the glitter was creating terrible glare inside). But still, it can be a beach if you want it to be..

Charles Saatchi is welcome anytime.

Mickle in NZ said...

Confess have been lurking, reading for a while, caring and laughing.

Cake is bloody brilliant. Though I'd probably want to eat it minus any icing (Mickle's a food wimp?)

My sole Valentine thing was a hefty whack in the face from my (usually much loved) rescue cat as a wake up call.

Especially had to comment when the word veri given is "snewayan"

Do with this whatever you like, (Dear Jaywalker - I think you would anyway). have happy whatevers you'd want, Mickle and Zebbycat in NZ - and we're not, just no way "snewayan"

Unknown said...

Can I have a slice?

PS word verification for this comment is 'cheatio'

Waffle said...

Mickle - that would be sensible. Much better withou the icing. The spawn will lick it off for you.

Quarsan - finished, sadly (Mary Berry's apple and almond, very moreish). But if you would like me to hand craft a cake message to your beloved I would be delighted.

Anonymous said...

I think it is truly glorious

Unknown said...

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