Friday, 13 February 2009

Show me your Belgian Wardrobe!

Jesus, internet. You know what this was like? LIKE PULLING TEETH. First, the CFO decided he didn't want to show his face. Ok, as long as we don't mention that his face has already featured here, ahem ahem. Then, I couldn't persuade him to actually take any of his clothes off (so the more eagle eyed among you will note that trousers and slippers never change). Or move from the sofa (so sorry, Screamish, the CD collection was out). Or, you know, anything. And by the time I had taken four pictures he was asking insistently about dinner, so I had to leave it there. Then, if I asked him to take any of my pictures again, he sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes. I tell you, internet, the life of a cutting edge belgianista is hard with support like this.

However, I give you ...

'Show me your Belgian wardrobe'

Go and look at the original first, or you won't get it. Let me say that I LIKE Show Me Your Wardrobe. It is entertaining and shiny. Ours is not. It is sort of gloomy and Belgian, but that was sort of the point. It was sort of a good idea, but then I thrashed it to death. One of the photos of me makes me want to cut my legs off. Now, I am sticking with the original format and not putting commentary, but if you feel you really need to know something, that is what the comments box is there for.

CFO, Consultant, Tortoise specialist, spreadsheet lover, Brussels.

Emma, legal zombie, Brussels

Now I'm crawling away to my dying hole. And I'm leaving my legs in there to rot.


Anonymous said...

ahhhaaaaahahahahahahhaaha ooooooooo haaa ahhahahahahahaha heeheheheheheeeee heeee haahahhahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liberty London Girl said...

Oh the bliss! I partic love the down wiv yoof hoodie and feral hound pose. Mizz Jaywalker you are too good. LLGxx

Zed said...

What on earth is wrong with your legs? Stupid bint.

Funny pics though :)

Liberty London Girl said...

PS WTF is the weepette doing to your calves? LLGxx

Waffle said...

LLG - Eating my Wolfords of course (sadly not my stumpy thighs). Though in one shot he is, very typically, trying to eat a coin. Idiotic creature. Never mind, I have sold him to Mrs Trefusis for 50p and a length of string.

Pochyemu said...

OOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG look at you and your skinny little dog! I loooovveeee ittttt!

Where the FUCKING HELL did the CFO buy that robe? Does he like it because he's French? is this something French men do? Auugh! I am now afraid of French men. Add them to the list...

Cassandra said...

OMG this is just brilliant!!! I was dying to see whether you'd actually be able to get the CFO to pose on your blog, I really couldn't believe that he'd agree to it. My opinion of him just climbs ever higher. EXCEPT for that funky soup thing, of course.

WV: cloba

justme said...

Nice! Ummmmm......

screamish said...

Very noice.

Stalker type things :

1. what is that bottle of body lotion type stuff in photo 1 and why is it on the floor? it looks like you guys just applied it and placed it conveniently down there?

2. are those leather slippers the CFO is wearing?

3.what is that wierd little red twisted thing to the bottom left near the chair, looks like an elf hat..where is the elf, not crushed underfoot I hope?

4. Did you buy the mag for the Madonna special or "i want sex but my man doesnt"?

all in all very very noice. I like your stuff more than the CFOs though....he looks kind of furtive and pleased with himself in the blue gown...sneaky little smile...cutie!

katyboo1 said...

You look suitably dangerous in the hoodie. Maybe they are responsible for the downfall of western culture.

I am slightly stunned by the CFO's robe. I may be on pochyemus side there.

Waffle said...

Screamish, you are so going to wish you hadn't asked.

1. They are wipes. Dog shit wipey uppy wipes.

2. Yes indeed they are! Penhaligons. Very comfortable.

3. Hmm. I thought it must be the chewed Pere Fouettard that plays happy birthday. I am now unsure. Hang on.. Nope. Part of a packet of Mini BN Fraise.

4. Hahahahahaha. It was a present from the CFO actually. Now I am worried.

Cassandra - cloba indeed. It was touch and go but I said it could be my valentines treat..

Pochyemu - he fell in love with it. In Spitalfields market, many many years ago. We were young and foolish, so I bought it for him for Christmas. I KNOW. I brought that robe on myself.

Helen Brocklebank said...

I have sooooo been longing for this post. It didn't disappoint. Particularly love CFO's chinos. Tres prochain saison heh heh. Actually, he's probably bang on because the recent A/W men's shows were all very sotto voce and classic, with chiaroscuro touches like the robe (so Prada. loving it). Most fabulous of all is, naturally, L'hommage a Grayson Perry, complete with Alan Measles. Am wondering if there's an Alan Measles vegetable sculpture in you somewhere.... You must label it so that 'wife of' gets it on Google Alert. Too funny. And I'm afraid I have already sold Oscar on. Eff You Penguin bought him.
Haven't laughed this much since your twitter about illegitimate offspring of fantasy scullery maid and corner shop groper being brought up in shoebox in PV's office.... Dear Mme J, you really perk up my day. lots of love Mrs T
PS: WV was Noold. would have liked more 'o's in there as in nooooo: OLD! Don't think superstrength botox is working, am very worried that i may be immune to botox. that would be bad.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I love it that the CFO poses avec tortoise - You will never see them dare do that in Grazia!

The black and white Starsky & Hutch top is probably coming back into fashion any day now...

I love what you are wearing JW - c'est tres chic, (apart from the orange ensemble, bien sur); and the weepette as accessory must catch on soon! How tiny Oscar is still when he is in perspective. You have lovely legs, don't dare chop them off, and don't let oscar lick your Wolfords, they'll never exchange them in the shop - I tried that excuse once - Lol!

Helen Brocklebank said...

PS: at risk of it sounding 'stalker-comment', a boat neck really suits you!

Red Shoes said...



Positively, insanely, ridiculously GLORIOUS!!

p.s. i rather like cfo's robe best of all... would love one just like it

ppppppp.s. holy wow, you are SUCH a LIAR about the bottom half!!!

Red Shoes said...


justme said...

And you know what?? Come to think of it, I am COMPLETELY amazed that the CFO agreed to this at all....
I like the one of you in the dress with the bow. And the wheepet. And alan measles.Yes indeed. A GOOD look!
Do you know, (well, you didn't because I am just now saying) When I wander round Selfridges, as I occasionally do, I quite often find myself looking at garments and thinking, Oooooh! THAT would suit Jaywalker!! Strange....No??

H said...

My God, you have a lot of lovely shoes*
I just have five pairs that are all the same, I am rubbish.

*Apart from the MBTs obviously. Not lovely,but hopefully useful.

Mr Farty said...

Not many people can pull off a pirate pose. Simply superb!


WV = Gamabion. Is he your French stylist?

The Spicers said...

I hope this is going to be a recurring feature because it's totally brilliant!
What a chic couple.
The robe!

Anonymous said...

I am very taken with CFO in the 3/4 profile shot with mac and scarf. There is an otherworldly grace to his stance which betrays the depths in him to which you occasionally allude. Quite redeems any erroneous robe purchasing errors imho.
You, my dear pumpkin, look quite fantabulously stylishly wonderful in each frame. Dog merely accentuates.
This all too unfortunately reminds me that I have been exiled to the land of flip flops and Uggs and that although I refuse to dress like the Stepford Mothers, daywear pyjamas as my own personal form of fashion protest are becoming rather passe after 5 years..

Kate said...

awesome. love love love love love.

currently wearing a red and green union suit with a gray sweatshirt and shearling slippers. don't look half as cute as you guys.

Juci said...

Whatever the CFO said, he was enjoying himself. Look at that secretive little smile under the hood. (I love the robe, BTW. I think it's beautiful and looks soft and warm, which I could use right now.)
Love your wardrobe, too. Oh, and if you want to chop off your legs, throw them my way, would you. I'd be happy to take them off your hands, so to speak.

River said...

I don't see anything wrong with your legs. Why do you hate them? they're nicely shaped and not short.

nappy valley girl said...

Gold star to the CFO for taking part. That has made my morning!

Grit said...

the cfo is amazingly cooperative. is he real? dig would never do this. i would have to use drugs, blackmail or photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I have two complaints which involve Distraction and Confusion.Distraction:how could you include the weepette?I only had eyes for him-such lusciousness.Confusion:I thought the CFO had fashioned his robe out of the throw on your chair-alas,I finally realised that his inventive credit-crunching hadn't gone that far.However,when he's being tetchy,make him don the robe and sit in the chair-he will only be visible using Magic Eye techniques.Thanks Emma-this was so funny-more please!

Anonymous said...

I see you are all about the layering. Too, too sexy. Ooh and the CFO, his slacks are to die for.

Elsie said...

These have put me in such a good mood - may just salvage V. day. Thanks.

Z said...

And, as well as what everyone else said, another fabulous armchair. Dammitall, darling, how come you're so absurdly stylish?

Waffle said...

Katyboo - well, obviously, I would like to think so.

Mrs T - I would relay your notes to the CFO but he would just look at me blankly. I appreciate though..

Woman - Yes, I think the tortoise as accessory is underrated.

Red Shoes - everyone should have a pumpkin. they are very forgiving.

justme - no, not strange, but for god's sake don't tell me about them or I will go and buy them and then the cycle of ruin will continue..

Helena - the rest of me is always a terrible disappointment, but they give me something nice to look at..

Iheart - oh, who knows? The sky is the limit. I am sure Fingers would be easily persuaded. And oscar is defenseless...

Mothership - yes, you have pierced the very essence of the CFO there. He is not at all thinking about top gear and cheese, no, never.

Kate - two days later and we're probably wearing exactly the same as on friday, we are that lazy and foul.

Juci - there was definitely something going on under that hood. who knows?

River - that first picture is just horrid. Argh.

NVG - I am glad.

Grit - he is real. Entirely real. No drugs or 'favours' were required, but I think I said I would put advertising on here to convince him. So, total sell out.

Jenny - oh, you did make me laugh with the idea of a magic eye CFO. Yes! Genius.

Ali - 'slacks'. Even the word creates a frisson.

Elsie - I am glad. I spent much of the day on the verge of totally unjustified tears.

Z - you think? The psychedelic one? 11th birthday present from Liberty. But I now hate the fabric and am plotting to get it recovered with something duller and less bauhaus. If you mean the other one, it is great but has to hide under that throw because it is VERY pale.

JChevais said...

The third photo of CFO had me in stitches. He reminded me of a male barbie indefinitely caught in the motion of not really doing anything and yet not wholly relaxed.

BTW: I got your last direct message but cannot respond via twitter coz the employer realised that the firewall wasn't up all the way and all the fun sites were accessible. Must agree on Sinclair. Nouvelle Star is what day?

Waffle said...

Mrs C - I call him 'not amused Ken'.
Friday - Yay! André Manoukian talking utter nonsense. Cannot wait! I might have to revive my french tv is rubbish blog to put Nouvelle Star stuff on there.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on your leg hatred! They are lovely gams...what's going on is the curve of the chair behind you, see?! It's obviously jealous and wanted to freak you out.

WV: nodless!

Waffle said...

Reen - ah, I feel better now. It's just the chair. That might be my new mantra. said...


Waffle said...

Eee! Hello SMYW! Will do a weepette version sometime soon. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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