Thursday, 15 January 2009

Small things

The flu has me tight in its phlegmy grasp. Moscow is still far away. The spawn have been packed off back to the gulag, weeping and protesting at the wateriness of their eyes, but their father is back dispensing briskness and resolve, where before there was nothing but appeasement and crisps. The call from the headmaster would be imminent if anyone over there actually noticed their weepy eyes, and mournful countenances, but the gulag is vast, and the number of French joined-up letters to be drawn with florid extraneous loops legion.

Thankfully Oscar has stepped into the breach. The sweet creature was clearly worried how I would cope without someone to claw at me and whine all day, and is behaving like a tasmanian devil with separation anxiety. Since he is preventing me thinking, working, or sleeping, here is a picture of him wearing a tea cosy. Blame Red Shoes, it was her idea. Well, sort of. She wanted him to wear this, I said the tea cosy might do the trick.

Given how low things have sunk, I though I would borrow Schmutzie's very fine project - the Grace in Small Things - for today. The explanation of the project is here. Here are mine for today. (YES. I can do positive. Shut up.)

1. The man from Picard (frozen food for the demanding French) came today, so I have a freezer full of Tarka dahl and bagels. I had a toasted bagel with Beurre de Noirmoutier with big, crunchy salt flakes in for lunch. It was hard to fit it in around my cold sore and glum expression, but I managed by nibbling small squirrelly fragments. Mmm. Perfect with a chaser of Betty's tea room blend tea in my favourite mug.

(Shit picture, nice mug)

2. Nurofen 400

3. Tickets to see Mariam and Amadou in February.

4. My Christmas present camera is like a fantastically clever new accomplice for getting up to badness.

5. Oscar is currently playing with a Happy Meal toy of King Julian from Madagascar. Every time the toy starts singing "I like to move it move it" he jumps backwards and falls over. It's just not getting old for him or for me.

What - if anything - is keeping you from going to fetch the axe today?


A Woman Of No Importance said...

I see a future for Oscar as Widow Twankey in Christmas Pantomimes - You are so funny, BW, bless you!

justme said...

I think the hat chosen by Red Shoes is more attractive. Oscar looks vaguely resentful about the tea cosy I believe.....
And very little is keeping me from the axe today.....
My word ver is wories......indeed!

Elsie said...

The gratitude-for-small-things lists on other blogs are lovely, and I am always glad to read them. There is something in me, however (the lawyer? the Quaker? the woman who shamefully continues to wear Laura Ashley skirts with black tights?) that responds to this blog’s chords more than any other; and this keeps me from the axe. Example: just forced office book club to read “The Sister” by Poppy Adams– partly because of reviews, etc., but primarily because MOTHS play a big role, and I can remember amusing things about Belgian moths while the rest of them analyze.

katyboo1 said...

Tea cosies are cool. Apparently I wore one on my head for several months as a toddler. There are pictures. When new scanner arrives remind me to show you. Try not to choke on your tea when it comes.

I do think Oscar looks rather like a tortoise in that picture. Are you going to put him in the crisper?

I have given you an award by the way.

5 things:

I had Hob Nobs for Breakfast

The painkillers for my evil headache worked

The box set of Six Feet Under is on its way.

My friend is coming for dinner. She is bringing desert.

I managed to book an appointment at the hairdressers

Waffle said...

Ooh! Elsie! I read the Behaviour of Moths (different title where you are? Weird). Packed full of moth factoids. Like, when they're in pupal form the inside is completely LIQUID. Where does the caterpillar go? It was good wasn't it? Moth-tastic.

Justme - that long suffering reproachful look is his default expression.

Woman - he needs to work on his emotional range a little I think.

nappy valley girl said...

5 things?

My son's chicken pox is better enough for him to go back to nursery (although they have already called to say he's cut his head open...)

I watched Volver on Film 4 last night and it was fantastic.

I had boiled egg and soldiers for lunch, on my own, reading Grazia. Bliss.

It's only a couple of months till Spring.

Working at home may be lonely, but at least it means I don't have to go on the Northern Line any more.

The Spicers said...

My five things:
1. made it to the gym this morning and sort of worked up a sweat.
2. coffee
3. my grandmother's turning 90 this weekend and my mom and I are taking her out to lunch
4. unexpected $100 Zara gift card
5. reading the New Yorker while eating a chocolate chip cookie

Pochyemu said...

I'm so glad you asked!:

1. The British Library - I've never been here before, but I love it so much. It's my spiritual homeland, and I'm considering moving in. The place is so huge, they'd never find me.

2. Organic sandwich range from Boots, which is fucking delish. (consumed in BL)

3. Nice hot cup of tea from BL cafe after 3 hours of study.

4. The thought that I don't have to get back on the Tube and then travel all the way back to Berkshire for at least 2 and a half more hours. Yay! Fuck public transport!

*Sigh* I'm very happy here...did I mention?

bonnie-ann black said...

i generally don't hold with all this grace and gratitude stuff, but i do have a few things that are keeping me from banging Maxwell's Silver Hammer down on the head of Loud-Mouth Woman (hereinafter, "LMW") [can you tell i work in a law firm?]. i don't know if i can muster 5, but i'll try:

they are:

1. Battle Star Gallactica starts again tomorrow night; (a)this will involve getting together with MaryAnn, her brother and my cousin Gail via conference call,and (b) much consuming of asian food, much consuming of mass quantities of wine;

2. it's been quiet at the office so far today, so i got to read Jaywalker's blog;

3. in 20 days, i'll be in london with maryann and going to see, a) Midsummer's Night's Dream and b) Taming of the Shrew.

sorry, that's all i'm able to muster right now, but perhaps if we can count the subparagraphs it might come out to 5.

hope you're feeling better, JayWalker!

bonnie-ann black said...

ah ha! wait, i knew i needed to add something to grace note 3, and it should be the *first* subparagraph: AND we're going to get to meet Katyboo! and i'm very excited about that.

bonnie-ann black said...

ok, i think i can actually make 5:

4. my cousin john is coming for a visit -- he is my favorite cousin, and i get an annual winter visit for a total of 12 hours;

and 5. Leonard Cohen is doing his first concert in the US in 15 years on feb. 19th which means i'll be back from england i will finally, finally get to see him in person before he either fades away or his voice gets so low that only elephants will hear it! the tickets are outrageously expensive (US$250, or approx. EU125!)but i may just have to indulge. i know spending that kind of money doesn't sound like a good thing, but there are some cheaper tickets.

Anonymous said...

5 things is pushing it a bit:
1 I can still feel that post holiday feeling a bit
2 I have booked a holiday in Jordan for next christmas - warm christmases could become addictive
3 my kids are still grateful for their new mobiles and so being nice to me
4 the youngest has moved back into my bed again (I quite like that, despite the fact that she snores and hogs the quilt)
5 we have our lexcel reinspection tomorrow - that is not good in itself but what is good is that it will soon be over and this weekend I won't have to feel guilty for not checking the sodding the manual for the nth time.

Wow, that was quite positive for me. Thank you, I feel better for that.

Liberty London Girl said...

I love Noirmoutier. Can't remember having eaten any butter there tho. I can't think of anything good today as have just been charged $325 for a new lock by the travelling lock man. SIGH. Not even my fluffy granny slippers are helping me. GAH. LLGxx

Elan Morgan said...

I am so jealous of your Miriam and Amadou tickets. We just got their latest album.

Red Shoes said...

If that lovely mug "accidentally" comes up missing, don't look my way, I won't know anything about it. Not a thing. Same with iheartfashion's Zara gift card.

Tea cosy hat on poor reproachful Oscar totally is one of my 5 things.

lisahgolden said...

I was ready to fetch the axe and then I saw that picture of Oscar in the tea cozy. I think he just out-chucked Chuck.

Waffle said...

Katyboo - hooray for the 6 feet box set. I'm ordering greys anatomy 4 today, even though meredith is whiny and annoying and I hate myself for loving it.

NVG - the CFO brought me back Grazia on his return. It was a definite high point too.

POchyemu - I bet it is a hotbed of sexual intrigue. Please investigate further.

Bonnie-Ann - you're meeting Katyboo, Goodness! I will want a full account please.

CA - Egypt sounded wonderful, I am sure Jordan will be too.

LLG - it is great. it is called Le Marin and it has a very Gaultier bearded sailor on it. Poor you with more key woe! Will it ever end?

Schmutzie - Oh go on, Belgium isn't so far.. Come with me!

RedShoes - I'll get you one on our next present exchange. Which I think should be soon, no?

Lisa - Ah, it cheered me up too. He looks so disapproving.

Juci said...

1. I have finally managed to buy me some nice new pants yesterday at Esprit, and because they do pants for women of very real-life sizes (like with legs shorter than 2 metres), they don't need any alteration. Plus, they were on sale. Plus, I bought a pair of pants there last week but they were the wrong size and I wanted to return them but they said I could only return them within 3 days but I said it didn't say so on the receipt and I WON and they had to take it back. (The cashier took it very ungracefully though - don't know why, it's not like they can't sell it again.)
2. I also bought a lovely pair of gloves.
3. The kid fell asleep in the pushchair in Waterstone's on Bld. Adolphe Max so I had time to browse and I came home with 3 books.
4. Battlestar Galactica tomorrow, obviously. (Well, it's tonight in the US, which is tomorrow for us in the Old World.)
5. And Lost next week.

Red Shoes said...

Present exchange, yes. Soon. Have been thinking of what to include with this one for a while now. I have ideas.

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