Saturday, 27 December 2008

Guess what I got for Christmas?

What do we do with the Prog Rock Step Dad (with flu)?

We cover him in noses!

What next?

Next we jump on him!

How about Yvette? What is Yvette up to?

Yvette is telling everyone she wishes she was DEAD.

How about the CFO?

He probably wishes he was dead too. If he has to touch another battery compartment he'll go postal.

Are Fingers and Lashes enjoying Christmas?

They might be. But will they ever speak again?

Is sister in law having fun?


How about Lashes? Does he enjoy spelling practice with Mamie?

Could this place be any redder or shinier?

What do Space Cadettes do for Christmas?

They melt their clothes on the fire!

Ahhh. Sweet though.

And what on earth are these?

They are bidons de colère. You take out your frustrations by shaking them, apparently. I wonder whose this is?

Happy Christmas everyone! Tell me all about it.

Tomorrow, the King of Belgian will be giving his annual speech exclusively here on Belgian Waffle. Do not miss it.


Pochyemu said...

Guess what I got for Christmas (well, Boxing Day technically)?? A niece! They really should have gifted her with a return receipt as I'm not into babies. Hopefully they didn't get her from Woolworths....

ptooie said...

I was supposed to have a niece or nephew on Christmas but the doctor didn't want to work on the holiday so last week he said my s-i-l's blood pressure had been too high for ages and they induced her. So our Christmas niece came on the 19th.

Anyway, we haven't had Christmas yet. That will be later today. Stepdad & I really thought we were going to be stuck working overtime, so we rescheduled Christmas and then neither of us had to work extra!

expateek said...

God, I thought YOU'D died! Or your fingers were immobilised or some other dreaded thing! This only proves to me that yes, I, expateek, I am the one who does not have a life! Who blogs on Christmas day. And Boxing Day. And the day after. Gadfry.

I am named and shamed.

expateek said...

Happy Christmas, by the way.

katyboo1 said...

I got a new laptop and a slightly scalded son. One was welcome, the other not. Other than that we have been deafened by Disney Singstar for the Wii and I have developed an entirely rational hatred for Hannah Montana.

Expateek. Mea Culpa also. We are sisters in shame.

Anonymous said...

I got a lovely sack-shaped APC frock, which looks a great deal like a number of other sack-shaped frocks I own; some nice perfume; a frying pan; and Watching the English. Not bad, all told. The best thing we bought for anyone was the toy stroller for our friends' two-year-old. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good thing to buy a toddler, not that toddlers are the difficult ones to buy gifts for, as amply demonstrated by the distribution of pleas on display in the Present Clinic.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I am catching up on your blog.
Hope all is OK.
I like your new hair.
And your new coat.
And your photos.
And everything.
For Christmas I got an allergic reaction to turkey (at least that's what I'm telling everyone so I don't have to eat anymore of this flavourless meat)
Should be in bed or I will be heading to the lawyers on Jan 12th, (most popular day for filing for Divorce). Husband will cite excessive use on computer as his reason for leaving me.
Goodnight. And God bless, if you believe in him. x

Mr Farty said...

You can read about my material goods on my blog, but the best thing was the hour-long phone call to New Zealand. Youngest grandson has just turned six and it was a delight to hear him yell as he opened his presents. And fell into his toybox.

Cheers m'dear!

Anonymous said...

my inlaws behaved, I enjoyed myself more than your SIL. I have lots of lovely Christmas plants to dig holes for. My kids have more stuff than you can poke a stick at and it took 5 hours of cupboard rearranging and discarding to make toom for it all. Which mens Christmas was a roaring success.

Waffle said...

Pochymeu - oooh! Picture? Hmmm. Have the batteries run out yet?

Ptooie - have a lovely late Christmas. We had a rerun last night too due to prog rock step dad's flu.

Expateek - I sort of wished I had several times. But I didn't have to resort to the emergency temazepam I brought along, so it wasn't as bad as I feared. I thought of the computer wistfully many times, so I have no life too, fear not.

Katyboo - can you only sing Hannah Montana on Singstar? Does it have any grown up karaoke potential?

CTTF - You too. I am glad you approve of the new body parts. Please don't get a divorce, then I will want one too and I am not even married.

Mr F - Oh! That does sound magnificent. Fingers had hidden all his presents within seconds of opening them. I don't think he is planning to play with them anytime this century.

Dani - hoorah! Admittedly more fun than SIL would not be hard..

Waffle said...

also, redfox, you got good presents. how great are sack /shroud dresses, eh? I just cannot break that habit...

Grit said...

your christmas looks like it was a lot more fun than ours. we have broken the spirits of our children so successfully that they now believe there is no point waking up before 9am on christmas day. anyway, when they did, two of them were ill. a quiet day.

bonnie-ann black said...

i got an electric kettle to use at my office! this may not sound like much, but i no longer have to spend 1/4 hour cleaning out our "k-cup" coffee machine to get enough barely hot, coffee flavoured water to make a cup of tea. now i get fresh, hot *boiling* water to make my tea. lovely.

also: a homer simpson figure to sit on my computer; some nice face cleansers and plastic spoons to use for my tea because i hate to wash silverware (my stocking stuffers -- i love stocking stuffers).

also, i cooked christmas dinner (i love to cook) and spent it with my sister, my niece and nephew, my aunt and a good friend who always makes us laugh.

no pictures -- too busy cooking, and i'm also pretty much the only photographer in the family. but i really enjoyed your photos.,

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