Monday, 6 October 2008

Weer in ur plowin competishun restorin ur bogz

Over here in eurotedium corner, let's check what the EU is up to in these times of crisis:

"Consumer issues, restoring Ireland’s raised bogs, nature conservation and children’s story telling were all on offer over three days at the EU Stand at this year’s Irish National Ploughing Championships in Co. Kilkenny. "

Thank god for that. Europe has got our back.

This is Porcupine McVells, for Belgian Waffle news, in Brussels.


Teena Vallerine said...

Oh thank-you B.W. We are all indebted to you on this black Monday - just to know someone is looking out for the bogs. It's a reassurance it is. Yes really it is. I feel so much better......gin, gin, where's the gin?! t.x

Anonymous said...

I don't like the position of that "traditional" storyteller's hands.

Potty Mummy said...

Just out of interest, Porcupine, are your family a branch of the Muirhead-Teranadon McVells?

Persephone said...

I feel this is the moment to launch into a song a classmate of mine used to warble at inopportune moments during band practice, in the days of my misspent youth. (It's sung to the tune of Born Free. Obviously.)

Born Free!
My father's a farmer!
My mother's a tractor, born free, to follow the plough!

Thank you.

Pearl said...

At least you don't have Sarah Palin running for office over there...


nappy valley girl said...

So Peter Mandelson leaves Brussels and this is what they resort to.....?

Waffle said...

Behind the icing sugar KP. Glad to help..

"Traditional" indeed, though, Paris Girl.

How did you guess PM? You're SO well connected.

Persephone, I think I need a video of this.

I get the feeling she'd be right at home at the ploughing competition, Pearl...

NVG - I know! Hoping for another tractor heavy demo soon. I do like those.

justme said...

Tell Kitschen pink.......I have drunk all the gin...... tant pis

La Belette Rouge said...

Sure, we get the stories on the fainting goats. You get all the glamorous bog news. In America they don't tell us this important stuff. NO, we have to listen to Sarah Palin say "doggone" and watch stories about who Joe six pack really is.

Waffle said...

Justme - Don't worry, there's a secret stash in the cellar.

Belette - I promise to keep you updated on all important bog developments. This is my pledge, to you, the citizens of America.

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