Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Escapist meme

Shoes with red bottoms and men with huge beards,
Stoic shelled reptiles and phlegmish expressions
Waffles as big as pterodactyl's wings [well go on, YOU find a better "ing" rhyme. Is hard!]
These are a few of my favourite things....

The lovely Belette has memed me a lovely, shiny meme, with shiny pleasing things - I just couldn't resist the chance of thinking about, and writing down, lots of soothing, nice stuff. Think of it as therapy in these times of crisis ( certains diront that it's hardly Dostoyevsky here even on a normal day. Passons, passons). It has confectionery. And shops. I think I was supposed to give a single answer for each category but I failed due to my overwhelming need to qualify everything I say in a craven lawyerly fashion.

Clothes shop: Has to be Liberty. We've been here before, I know. But Liberty is simply the repository of all that is lovely in a shop. I hesitated for Comptoir des Cotonniers but I know I should try and wean myself off the lady crack that is nice plain black clothes. It would be better for me to try some more scary Japanese things made of paper with extra sleeves and a dropped crotch around the ankles, and maybe a tail too. I would fit in better round here anyway.

Furniture shop: You've seen odd bits of my house right? Pretty squalid. If I were living another life, it would be somewhere like SCP, or Vitra. But guess what? It isn't. However, to compensate, I do have a nice chair and a nice lamp:

This lamp = the only bit of class in my house (oh, and get this, mine is a sort of soft gold colour on the outside. Mmmm). When people visit I direct them up to go and lie on my bed and stare at the lamp while I shovel old bits of playdoh and tortoise poo and 'craft' under the rug.

Sweet: Oh, so many! Must I only choose one? Must I, must I? You know I spend the best part of most days nibbling the outside off chocolate bars. It's because I come from York, where chocolate is our ONLY industry and when you're born, they roll you in a giant vat of molten Yorkie. Argh, I select Celebrations, even though it's a cop out, and Pierre Marcolini chocolate covered clementines if I'm feeling classy, like.

City: Sorry Brussels, it has to be London.

Drink: Yes please. Tea. Don't care what kind. Failing that, gin.

Music: Vampire Weekend. Even though Alexis Petridis in the Guardian Weekend nearly spoiled them for me by comparing them with to bunch of Oxbridge tossers.

TV series: Flight of the Conchords

Film: Leningrad Cowboys go America

Workout: Ha! Ha ha ha. Walking to work on my ridiculous wobbly shoes. Wobbling, but I stopped going when we all had the man flu and I've totally fallen off the wobbly wagon.

Pastries: Mini pain au raisins. Every morning. That's bad, right? And! This.

This is 'flan'. I know it doesn't look terribly appetising, but it's delicious. Just sweet custardy deliciousness in every bite. If you eat it - and I do, it's my ultimate comfort food - your thighs look exactly like it does. Fact. Flan was the only thing that kept me from madness in Paris. I used to wander the streets looking for better and better flan. Need flan? I'll tell you where to go.

Coffee: Extra dry cappucino from Patisserie Valerie in Spitalfields market, where the lovely flirtatious baristas pile on the foam until you have a giant foaming mountain of foam. Froth! Foam! God. Where is my froth. Belgium doesn't do foam. They try and distract me with teeny biscuits and slagroom, but I'd rather have decent froth. I would do dirty, dirty things for a really good dry cappucino in this city. Just tell me where to go.

I nominate Just me, because she always says she only blogs about sad stuff, and I defy you to write something sad about your favourite pastry, Justme. And I nominate Peevish, Pearl, Kitschen Pink, Daisy, Katyboo and, and this is cheating but I don't care, Red Shoes. Red Shoes! Answer in the comments box! I need to know. Also, everyone else who fancies it, you're tagged too.


fourstar said...

I'm from York too; I spent a very happy summer in 1994 packing half-kilo boxes of All Gold, giant bags of Foil-Wrapped Ginger Thins and the piece de resistance, Terry's famous Chocolate Oranges. Bloody hundreds of 'em.

I did gain a lot from the experience, not least that they don't stop the conveyor belt if you sneeze. Sorry, but it's true...

Waffle said...

Fourstar! Perhaps you can clear up for me whether or not the story about someone DYING when they fell in a vat of Aero was true? Our gym teacher insisted it was.
A town with three chocolate factories is a proud birthright, no?

Anonymous said...

red shoes is Louboutin, non?

I have severe shoe lust for thst man - all his designs are lush...

I am however relatively i just drool over them, and try them on when i am in Paris. The little boutique on Rue de Grenelle has the most perfect, delightfully straight, sexy man in the world as an assistant. He is divine :)

justme said...

I have done it! Pop to my blog for my answers.....and thank you for encouraging me to be less dreary! Perhaps I should havce at least one day a week where I HAVE to make a cheerful entry? I am not really the miserable old bag I must seem to be at times......

Daisy said...

I'm liking the sound of the flan. I always see it in bakeries here but never imagined it could be custardy deliciousness! Where can I get the best? Thanks for the tag, very exciting, I'm on it.

Waffle said...

There's a great place in 17th, Daisy, on the Place where Notre Dame des Batignolles is. Is old and crummy but a pleasure dome of flan. Hey, they're all good though. You can do your own survey and update me.

Justme - I enjoyed it! Yay! Cheerful content. Keep up the good work.

Emily - Aha, but have you got into Rupert Sanderson yet? He's taking up more and more of my shoe lust. The labels are the shiniest gold EVER.

La Belette Rouge said...

Thank you so much for playing the meme game. I loves your list except when you got to flan. Yuck, I hate custard. So, I will not be asking you about where to get one.

livesbythewoods said...

Ooh, I'm doing this!

Only so I can spend ages fantasising about chocolate though, obviously. Well, I'm probably delirious from the drugs by now.

Mom/Mum said...

I want that flan!!

Waffle said...

Belette - mmmm flan. Mmm.

Livesbythewoods - step back from the keyboard and get back to your bed! But also, yes please. I await.

Mom/Mum - the CFO ate it, and I ate its less photogenic twin. sending you virtual flan, the real sort doesn't travel well.

peevish said...

i'm working on it...

Mr Farty said...

That picture of a lamp reminds me of something.

I shall have to try your meme thingy.

Red Shoes said...

Me?! WOO! OK! I'm warning you though... I don't know how to be brief or concise.

1. Clothes Shop: I don't have one. My finances are not permitting me anything in the clothing arena lately. I've been trying to judiciously make purchases at designer consignment stores, and that has gotten me a few nice things: an Issey Miyake weird furry top, some Ferragamo patent leather pumps, a Prada handbag. My "If I Were Rich" sources would be a cross between Japanese minimalist insanity and pristine, classic beauty. Some favorite designers are Junya Watanabe, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Robert Rodriguez, Cora Kemperman. Where can I find all that in one shop, hm?

2. Furniture Shop: My house sucks. I have one good lamp (the Eclipse by Mauricio Klabin). I can't afford anything I like. Why must Italian modern goodness be so very $$$? If I were able, I would shop at Limn in San Franciso. Also Muji is good.

3. Sweet: This is so easy. Chocolate, dear heavenly chocolate. My favorites are almost anything by Zotter. In addition to incredibly lovely flavor combinations, the package artwork charms the hell out of me. The handscooped bars are amazing, the sour cherry balleros... mmmm. Also, these from Barcelona and oh... someone I think in Belgium with chocolate covered kumquats that are so amazing. I can't remember his name. Darn it.

4. City: New Orleans. It is like no other place. Stange and subversive, with lavish decay and sultry, mouldering beauty. I am in love with this city. Next in line is San Francisco. I am absolutely certain though, that there are many other cities in the world that I could fall right straight in love with, I just haven't been there yet. Most of them probably have really fabulous food and really bizarre citizens.

5. Drink: A big glass of cotes du rhone red, thank you.

6. Music: Einstuerzende Neubauten

7. TV Series: Project Runway

8. Film: Shanghai Lily with Marlene Dietrich or In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar Wai

9. Workout: Ballet or modern dance. I was a dancer once. I was. Not an exceptional one, but one with passion. Then I joined the great American workforce and my soul was leeched away and I lost it. Now I'm old and things hurt when I try to move them. But in dreams, I still... Oh wait.. was this supposed to mean what workout do I ACTUALLY DO? Pah.

10. Pastries: Yes, please! As many as possible, All of them. Cake, croissant, napoleon, creme brulee, fruit tart ... I'll take it. Now.

11. Coffee: In the mornings I make a nice Italian roast in a French press with 1 tablespoon of sugar and a glob of half and half. My favorite out of the house treat is a Valrhona Mocha cappuccino at the local gelateria. Mmmmm...

Waffle said...

Mr Farty - My Marcel Wanders Skygarden lamp looks like CARTMAN FROM SOUTH PARK????
You're SO barred.

Red Shoes - I LOVED that. I just knew I would. Thank you! (ps where can you find all that in one shop - LIBERTY)

katyboo1 said...

Hooray. I did it. It took hours of hard choosing and being a flighty thing I have probably changed my mind now! Thanks for tagging me.

Red Shoes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Shoes said...

Laurent Gerbaud! That's the Belgian chocolatier I couldn't remember. Jaywalker, have you had any of his stuff? It is really magnificent. The chocolate covered kumquats and the Yuzu du Japan are the only ones I've tried. Possibly the Persian cranberries, but I may be imagining that.

It isn't distributed in the US, but I have my own version of your Paris Colleague. Actually, she's more of a cross between your Violet and your Paris Colleague. She is my best friend, but also wildly glamorous and leads a continental lifestyle that makes me sigh with longing for one of my own.

Anyway. She is in Europe half of the time. She brings me back spectacular chocolates now and then, and she has brought me those. You might try them. You might like them. The kumquats... wish I had some right now.

Waffle said...

I'm awed by your chocolate knowledge Red Shoes - are you sure you aren't Belgian? I have tried those Laurent Gerbaud goodies, and if you like them, I think I HAVE to send you the Marcolini chocolate covered clementines. Drop me a mail and I'll send you sweet chocolate happiness.

Teena Vallerine said...

I finally got here! Much too late and you've all moved on but I'm doing it anyway because I need to do it this afternoon - it's raining on my laundry, I haven't done the work I wanted to and I have to leave soon for the monday schoolrun, swim club, guitar shake rattle and roll! So, to distract myself from all the things I should be doing...
Clothes shop - any charity shop - I'm such a cheapskate and love sweets and flans too much to spend any money on clothes!
Furniture shop - my local auction house. Aside of things we have been given my favourite furniture comes from here (and no, not always so cheap!)!
Sweet: Any truffles by Booja Booja - but especially anything which involves strawberry or champagne. Also Meme's fudge - my mother-in-law's mother-in-law's secret family recipe - I try to only make it at Christmas as it is just tooooo good!
City - well I don't think I"m really well travelled enough to comment but if I had to choose, it would be Edinburgh.
Drink: well when I need a treat, on a cold evening, it would certainly be Benedictine liqueur.
Music - can't choose - it really does depend on the day - but I'd have to always have some Talking Heads, R.E.M., Suzanne Vega, Proclaimers, J J Cale, Elgar, Bach, Elvis - you see there's really no pattern here....
TV Series - hmm, well there's not a lot to choose from. I loved Poldark when I was little. I can always watch Morse again. There's nothing on that I'd mind missing really.
Film - only one? You're kidding of course. Babette's Feast, Withnail and I, A Good Year, The Snowman....
Workout - typing? does that count? I do it very fast!
Pastries - I can't spell it - that one with all the lovely layers of pastry and cream, millefueille? ANd of course a good apple tart always acceptable here - preferably hot with equally good ice cream.
Coffee - I don't care if someone will make it for me!
Now I have to get on the tread-wheel and catch up with my afternoon. Thank-you so much for the distraction - you're a sweetie! t.x

Waffle said...

Thanks KP - very cheering! I hope it spurred you on with your chores. I saw a millefeuille yesterday and thought of you..

Red Shoes said...

Oh my, Jaywalker, you darling woman you. I can't ask you to do that... I'm a perfect stranger. I'd be too embarrassed to accept chocolatey generosity all the way from Brussels. I have had a remarkably bad last 2 days though. And chocolate does cure all ills. I may just take you up on it.

Mm, chocolates. And apple tarts. Kitschen pink makes me want apple tarts. *sigh* I neeed sweets immediately, I think. Time to go to the bakery?

Waffle said...

Nah, not a total stranger Red Shoes. We were clearly separated at birth! Send me your address [stern voice]. You need chocolate.

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