Sunday, 7 September 2008

Office supplies - the verdict

The CFO is nothing if not obsessively thorough when given a task. I assigned him to judge the office supplies and this is the result:

He was slightly disappointed not to have weighted the scorings but in general he feels it's a good methodology. Entries were judged on the following criteria:

1. Value of stationery items used

2. Difficulty of sourcing stationery item (desk vs cupboard vs special request from stationery department)

3. Function ('how useful it is' he said, when pressed - I am dubious how this applies to the items below)

4. Aesthetics

Based on this criteria, here are the results:

In third place, Zoe's 'Paperclip Earring' with a score of 11. Yay Zoe!

In second place 'Quick, take me to the madhouse' (aquarium scene) by Violet with 12 points

And in first place.. with a grand total of 13 ... Amaretto mouse, also by Violet!


I am unilaterally disqualifying Amaretto mouse due to its main constituent element not being available in any workplace but Violet's.
Instead, I award first prize to 'tragic remains of Robopony' by Léonie. Because it is my fête and I can be as arbitrary as I want. Also, Violet can't get two prizes.

Also, I am sucker for a hard luck story and the destruction of Robopony made me unspeakably sad. Well done Léonie.

Email me for top class Belgian prizes winners. Losers, weep gently into your hole punchers.

Tomorrow - miscellaneous!


mountainear said...

I am interested in the CFO's scoreboard. Is it some kind of Belgian tea tray?

Jaywalker said...

Good question Mountainear. Actually that is "une ardoise Veleda", one of the esoteric items on the satanic school supplies list.

Léonie said...

Wooo! I win! I dedicate this prize to the fond memory of my dearly departed Robopny, who will always trot clunkily through my heart.

I only wish he was here to see it and celebrate with me.

On another note, my boyfriend met someone recently who has a friend called Pony. The world is slowly being restored to some kind of order.

Jaywalker said...

Well deserved Léonie. I am sure that somewhere, somehow, Robopony can see his triumph and is cantering through the elysian fields with an extra friskiness.
You must meet Pony. Must.

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