Saturday, 6 September 2008

Judging starts!

Hello everyone, and by the way you are lovely. Thank you. The squid is off weaving its tentacles into Sarah Palin's hair at the moment.

The wonderful Jen from Cakewrecks has rendered her verdict on the cakes. Read and weep, bakers:

"In THIRD place, a cake so well crafted, I actually felt concern for the swimming kitty - where's his snorkel and mask?!" It's .. Aquarium Cat!

Well done Vetmommy!

"In second place is Guy Verhofstadt, whose sugar lips will no doubt haunt my dreams for at least the next week or two"

(I award myself a prize of a large dose of lithium)

"In first place, for its eye abrasive color choices, abstract yet disquieting design is ..... [drumroll] ... The Stomach Cake!"

"Kudos" says Jen "To the baker for having the guts to make a cake of the very organ where it is heading".

Peevish - you win!

But wait, there's more. A special award for "Most interesting backstory" goes to the Lice cake. Jen says "This does have an explanation behind it right? Er, right? Anyone?" Persephone, over to you!

Many many thanks to Jen. Winners - yes everyone gets a prize - just email me your postal address for terrifying Belgian recompenses!

Later this weekend, the CFO will be setting out his verdict on the office supplies.


peevish said...

I am in shock. Thank you so much, Jen of Cakewrecks and Jaywalker of bizarre Belgium! To be honest, I'm astounded that my obvious lack of decorative skills has been so richly rewarded. I mean, Jennifer's cake is sort of the polar opposite of mine. Hers is beautiful and appetizing, while mine is jarring and repulsive. Jaywalker, yours is also jarring and repulsive, so we have that in common. Plus, you demonstrated such skill in constructing an actually recognizable face! Wow. I'm just in awe and so, so honored.

As for the judging, have there been any behind-the-scenes brawls we should know about?

Persephone said...

I actually gave the back story when I submitted this....thing. One of my daughters is named Alice, so for her first birthday, I got the brilliant (and reasonably feasible) idea of alphabet blocks. Since her name already begins with A, I thought I'd cleverly incorporate it into the design. It wasn't until I stepped back to admire my work, that I realized what I'd wrought. I served the cake and prayed no one would notice. The guests were very gracious and did not say a thing...

Uh, do I get a prize?

Jaywalker said...

Oh yes, Persephone. Absolutely.
Peevish - "Jarring and repulsive". I could have that printed on business cards, no?

Lulu LaBonne said...

Goddamn - I discovered this competition too late, I too am jarring and repulsive - I could've been a contender.

Jaywalker said...

Don't worry Lulu, we'll probably have a harvest festival. And if not, definitely a Christmas fair.

Mr Farty said...

Yummy, lice cake is my favourite!

--Mr arty

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