Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Village Fête - awesome new entries!

Today has brought a bumper crop of new and awe-inspiring Village Fête entries. I feel so unimaginably proud to be part of this, I was crying into my stationery facial hair earlier. Enough talking. Let's look at some craft. Yeah!

First! Vegetables.

"Grape Bee" by Helena, aged 30 (I wouldn't normally include that, but it seems to be significant. She mentions it on her blog and stuff. She is probably angling for extra points but the judges are merciless!).

I think you would like to know that the bee's sting is made out of "a small deadly screw from the back of a calculator - ideal for children's parties".


"Tallulah does the Hula" - by the Mountainear.

Oh my fucking god, this thing is good.

SO. DAMN. GOOD. I mean, how amazing is this. It has broad bean shoes! Look at its hair! Obviously the produce in Powys is quite superior, and the Mountainear has more than done it justice. This has to be an early frontrunner in the vegetable carving class, surely?

And thirdly, Zoe's "Belgian (with turban"). Erm, Zoe, I hope that title is ok. It looked quite Belgian. Let me know if you'd prefer something else.

The thought of Zoe carving this is making snicker to myself. I imagine she got quite cross with the cucumber several times. I can't begin to imagine what her children thought.

Moving on - Cake!

Here is a really lovely entry from Very Lost in France. This entry is dedicated to her neighbour. However, I do have my suspicions that she may not have made this herself. I mean, mini Hershey bars in rural France? I don't think so. Actually, it may not be an entry, it may be inspiration for those of us out there mulling our frosting options tonight. But it is not up to me. The judge will decide!

DID I SAY JUDGE??? There is a reason for the shouty capitals and tenuous segue, for I have the most exciting judge news. Jen of Cakewrecks has agreed to judge the cake category of the village fête. Cakewrecks is quite simply the best thing in the world ever. Just go there. You will see that I am right.

Keep it up people. We're making something quite, quite beautiful here.


zoe said...

Mmmmmmm, that mountainear guy is definitely cheating. I have won by far in this category. Absolutely. I want monetary prizes and I WANT THEM NOW!

Ouch .... I've been sedate...%M3T4€^"

(Very) Lost in France said...

Jaywalker, I will indeed fess up that this is the cake I dream of making, not one I actually made, but it's only because I can't get the mini Hershey bars or otherwise I'd have made a faithful replica. Honest! Whaddyamean 'Yeah really!' VLiF

peevish said...

You people are magnificent.

Jaywalker said...

VLiF - I dare you to ask the local baker for one. I dare you. Go on go on go on.

Jaywalker said...

Zoe - deep breaths remember. Your allegation of vegetable cheating is a disturbing one - but have confidence in the judges! They will decide! This fête is giving me a horrible attack of the exclamation marks.

La Belette Rouge said...

I once got my mother a bday cake that said "happy bday, old bat." The baker was shocked. But that is not as half as fab as that cake.

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