Friday, 29 August 2008

Our fête in their hands

Interesting new seasonal fête entry from Barb, called "Rusty tomato cage Christmas tree". I can't fidget it into place due to stupidity and wine so here's the link.

Also, as foreshadowed on previous post, the "gourd parrots at watering hole" vegetable entry from JoeyJoJo. Again, link only.

You know what this means people. I have been out this afternoon to buy felt, neoprene, sequins and elastic. The tortoises are going Mexican wrestling!

(I anticipate that this will end very very incompetently, but I promise to do my best. Also, animal lovers, I promise they will be rewarded with lettuce for their patience.)


Make a cake! Jen from CakeWrecks is judging (There are some great new wrecks today. I spat stuff)! Torture vegetables for the pleasure of Ms Anna Pickard! Manipulate office supplies for the CFO to assess in a spreadsheet with weighted scorings and equations! Yeah.


Mom/Mum said...

you make me laugh! And I thought the peach festival we plan on attending sounded craaazzy!

Mr Farty said...

I've just come here from Naked Blog. Am I the last to know that Anna is going to Merka? Sob!

Anyway, here is my IVYNIPS picture as promised.

Stoopid WV.

Mr Farty said...

That link didn't seem to work. Go here:

Stoopid blogger.

peevish said...

Am contemplating a Very Special Cake.

It would be much more fun than cleaning my house, which is the only other item on this weekend's agenda.

Waffle said...

M/M Peach festival? I suppose that could be fun. Please take pictures and post them.

Mr F - Yes you are. Also it is 8 am and I have just looked at your ivy adorned chest. But, I suppose that is my own fault, I did ask for it. What category do you suppose that is? Miscellaneous?

Peevish - Oh pleeeaaase. That would be SO good. Who needs a tidy house. Squalor is so this season.

zoe said...

OK, more stationary contraptions coming your way ....

Shit, I don't even have a job - can you nick some stationary for me, E?

Waffle said...

With pleasure Zoe. Would you like one of those staple removers? They're quite inspiring I always find..

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