Wednesday, 13 August 2008

"I had a post planned but the huge fuck off live moth down the loo at work stole it" haiku

Fluttering bastard

Lurking peed-on under rim

Sorry I flushed you


Persephone said...

At "Butterfly World"

Daughter saw moth on my skirt

Couldn't stop screaming

(It was about the size on the one in the picture, only blue.)

Jaywalker said...

I love so much that you haikued me back Persephone, it even made me forget the beast briefly. Your daughter is right. Imagine peeing on one [shudders].

justme said...

I may have nightmares. I REALLY dont like moths and would have needed a week off work after that experience!

Jaywalker said...

Justme - yeah man. Heading for my arse. Call health and safety!

peevish said...

I once peed (accidentally! I didn't know it was there!) on a poor mouse which had somehow gotten into the toilet of a house I shared with 2 other girls. I jumped off of the seat when I heard something splashing around down there. The poor thing was nearly drowned. IN MY PEE. My roommate's friend rushed in, alerted by my screams, ran to fetch a plastic cup and scooped it up. Then she took it out to our front yard and released it, whereupon it ran straight back toward the house!! It was 22 years ago and to this day, I can still see it's wet, sputtering little face.

peevish said...

I mean its. No apostrophe. shit.

Jaywalker said...

I am totally totally comforted by you sharing that. Creatures - get out of the toilet bowl. Nothing good can happen to you down there.

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