Sunday, 31 August 2008

Fête accomplie!

The village fête is drawing to a climactic, tumultuous close. With THE BEST CAKE EVER.

And here, in its "correct orientation in a standing human" (and that attention to detail, ladies and gentleman, is the mark of true dedication. Certificate-winning dedication.)

Peevish created this, and in order to fully understand it (though I would contend you can enjoy it without understanding it, like many of the greatest works of art. ) you must go here and expect to be horribly amused.

And now ... the moment you have all (both?) been waiting for. Tortoise wrestling costumes. THEY ARE RUBBISH I am warning you now, the contestants seemed oddly unenthused by the prospect of shell to shell combat with only a layer of sequins and neoprene between them, and the CFO was soooo unamused. Thanks to the magnificent Belette Rouge for the rhinestones.

Introducing .. [drumroll] Las Tortugas Luchadores!

Heeeere's Big Mama (that's her real name, btw)!

The undisputed champion. Check out Big Mama unmasked:

Scary eh?

But wait, what's that? A contender has come to challenge the supremacy of Big Mama!

Who is this challenger? It's El Peligro Amarillo himself, Wario (yes, my children have a Wii, what of it?)!

This was supposed to be a scary face off between the contenders, but Wario was distinctly lacking in enthusiasm. Big Mama was totally up for it though. Rrrar!

Here he is making a hasty exit.

Big Mama triumphs! Let's see her again:

I reckon this can count as my "soft stuff" entry. Which, by the way, is to be judged by the, I am sure, terrifyingly exacting Antonia. She knitted her child an aubergine, you know. She knows soft things.

You have a few more hours people to win yourselves Belgian prizes. Judging starts tomorrow!

UPDATE: Oh, and for anyone who missed them, here are Mr Farty's ivy covered nipples, an entry in the "miscellaneous" category. Hmmm.


La Belette Rouge said...

Does the stomach cake contain digestive enzymes?? Wow!! That cake is so realistic that I think I can even see butterflies in that stomch. Nice job!

And, Jaywalker, what can I say about the amazing Mexican Fighting wrestling tortugas except that I feel certain you will be soon contacted by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise who will no doubt want to buy your brilliant concept and make you rich beyond your wildest dreams and then you will be able to buy all the shoes and bazaar dresses that your maniacal glasses demand.

I am so glad that my self-adhesive rhinestones could be a part of the fete. As I have no talent of my own I feel good that I could make a small and talent-free contribution to this important cultural event.

Persephone said...

Oh damn. This might just make it under the wire, but I knew I haven't a hope after the Stomach Cake. (Hey! Stomach. Ache. I just got that!)

Anyway, seeing as we seem to have a "vermin" theme this week with the chiggers and all. (I apologise in advance for my lack of HTML savvy.) I thought I'd thrill you with my Lice Cake. (See, my daughter's name is Alice and I wanted A-B-C and the A got separated from the "lice" and....)

Also, does fruit-carving count? If so, I present my Cantaloupe O' Lantern 1 and
Cantaloupe O' Lantern 2. Actually, I think it's the same cantaloupe, just two views....

Kate said...

oh damn. it's still the 31st at my house. can i still enter?

Nikki said...

Those. are. awesome. I believe the only way I could allow turtles in my house is if they are clad in Mexican fighting outfits. I think I'd welcome any animal dressed that way. Esp. with the flashy mirrored-bits on the red one. So cool.

peevish said...

The tortoise costumes are brill, just as I knew they would be. Isn't it nice to have such docile pets who are incapable of fending off would-be costumers?

Also, I do like Persephone's Lice cake quite a lot. ;-)

Waffle said...

You can all still enter. I'm hardly going to turn down crafty hilariousness am I?
Going to look at Persephone's entries now...

Waffle said...

Persephone - I'm sending the Lice cake off to Jen and Cakewrecks forthwith for entry in the cake category. It is SO worthy.
Also, Canteloupe lanterns - do they smell as bad as pumpkin ones once lit? They are also entered. Yay Persephone!
Belette - now there's a job Tony hasn't offered me yet. I like. The rhinestones were very inspirational as you can see!
Niki - thank you so much. In my head they were better, but live models were not so cooperative.
Peevish - they are very entertainingly docile, but get their revenge in other ways. Thank you!

zoe said...

I've got to leg it to the Dole Office in Zaventem in a mo' (nice bus trip all around IKEA etc) for all it's worth - but I have creations to make and will do.

I need a child to take the pics as I think Q is going to a conference. Help!

May have your tortoises?

Waffle said...

Zoe - I'll happily extend the deadline for you, but you can get your own tortoise. Animals Express in Groot Bijgaarden (spelling?) has lots. It also has kangaroos, peacocks and giant boa constrictors. That place is sooo illegal. Mmm your trip to Zaventem sounds a source of great joy.

Persephone said...

I'm thrilled to be allowed in, especially after just noticing that my entries came in 47 minutes after the deadline. (I told you I was rubbish at HTML, and it took me forever to sort out the damn links.) Really looking forward to being trashed by the amazing Cake Wrecks (and I'm slightly worried about Peevish -- did she notice the nit-shampoo-blue of the edging?). I hadn't noticed that jack o' lanterns smelled that bad; cantaloupes just smell like warm fruit...

justme said...

The tortoises are they have entire wardrobes of clothes I wonder? And if not, why not? I am picturing them in ballroom dancing outfits next........
WHAT a success the Village Fete has been! Guess we should start preparing now for the Chrismas Fair?

Persephone said...

That's it! Strictly Come Dancing --- with tortoises!

Waffle said...

Persephone - you really need to get yourself down to your friendly neighbourhood intellectual property lawyer and get that concept protected. It's definitely a winner. If, possibly, a little slow.
Just me - I am sure there are several other disturbing seasonal events we could commemorate in a belgian fashion... Will ponder.

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