Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Fête worse than death

Ok, so there's this enormous marrow in a plastic bag in the hall. And it's making me have bad thoughts. Very very bad thoughts. Thoughts of vegetable carving. This used to be the only thing that made holidays in the country bearable. No, not actually doing it. Going to the village show and laughing at it.

The sheep are a little too good I think.

The penguins are not. They are perfect.

Yes, I am having thoughts about village fêtes. I think we should have one! Undeterred by my previous lack of success at trying to get the rest of the internet to do stuff (such as this, or this), or indeed by my own failures in the craft arena as recently recounted, I have decided to organise a virtual village fête to see us through the spiritual and cultural desert that is August.

Categories to include:

- vegetable carving, naturally (here and here are some more ideas. God I love the internets)

- pet (and owner?) fancy dress

- garden/lanscape in a shoe box or tray

- themed cake decoration (theme discretionary - think dark though)

What child asks for an armadillo birthday cake?

Can anyone think of any other essentials?

I am thinking, do your entry, photograph it, and put it on your blog. Those without blogs or indeed those with standards, can send them to me and I will put them on mine. I will update tonight with a special village fête email address.

And I promise that if anyone else enters any of these categories I will too. In fact, I will probably do them all anyway. It will be a sad, lonely one person village fête, and that will be just fine. Tonight I will be carving my marrow.

UPDATE: We have email! All village fête entries can go to belgianwaffling@gmail.com Go ooon...


Jaywalker said...

Emily has some questions but for some reason has put them on another post, the loon.

Here they are with my answers where required:

a) oh wow, look at the sheep!
- Cauliflower sheep! Isn't the internet marvellous.

B) WHAT VEG CAN I CARVE? (capitols denotes excitement - im not good with knives tho so...)
- ANY VEG YOU WANT. The aubergine is versatile I find.

c) its a village fete - there has to be jam...
- Jam is not a very internet friendly medium, but this is an inclusive fête so, yes, there has to be jam.

d) can i make jam?
-Yes, see above. I think we'll need a good verbal description of the jam though.

e) is my lovely boy going to disown me if i cover the house in carved veg and cakes detritus in order to post them online...
- Possibly. This is a risk you may need to evaluate.

zoe said...

Um well. Are rude entries allowed?

Jaywalker said...

Zoe - I would expect nothing less from you.

Marianne said...

Jaywalker, you are hilarious! Whenever I read this blog I sense a sort of wonderful crazed energy - so different from my own still in pyjamas at 2pm brand of blogging.

Right, so the fete. First of all I think you need to name the post "A Fete Worse than Death" as is only traditional in my part of the world... and I am now off to ruminate on how to recreate my favourite stall, the coconut shy, for the internets.

Elsie Button said...

Count me in! i made a pair of marrow shoes once...

Jaywalker said...

Marianne - you are very sweet, crazed is undoubtedly among the words the CFO is mouthing as I sit here with my marrow. I look forward to internet coconut shy with interest.

Elsie - Oh yes, marrow shoes. We have an expert among us. Yay!

Antonia said...

I second "A Fete Worse then Death".

I love this idea so much. I hope it happens every summer!

peevish said...

That armadillo cake just kills me. I could never approach that level of perversity and skill. Hmm, this will require some thought...

Jaywalker said...

Peevish and Antonia

I really cannot wait to see your entries. Peevish, your minkies are already fantastic. I like the sort of blue green death tones of the armadillo.

peevish said...

So the Minkie-type thing is allowed?? Maybe I'll do that. Although office supplies are compelling.

Jaywalker said...

Oh yes, definitely knitted creatures. Especially ones as appealing as your minkies.

Jaywalker said...

Bowing to pressure from Marianne and Antonia, I have retitled this post.

livesbythewoods said...

I'm in! I love these events, whether real or virtual.

Will you be having an egg painting category?

Jaywalker said...

Would you like one, livesbythewoods? I am easily influenced..

livesbythewoods said...

Please! I am already bursting with great ideas for painted eggs.





Jaywalker said...

Goodness, Livesbythewoods, your creativity humbles me.

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