Thursday, 14 August 2008

Creatures! Made out of stuff!

My most amazing and wonderful best friend Violet has come up with the following. You can tell she's artistic, like.

In the 'Vegetable' category, Tiny tomato ladybird:

'Amaretto mouse' is sort of half office supplies (rubber band, post-it), half miscellaneous (er, amaretto). I hesitate. I will leave that to the judges. BMF has tried to stir up some kind of scandal by suggesting the mouse is made with a scone, not amaretto. Violet demurs. Who knows?

And firmly in the miscellaneous category, this sea tableau with amaretti wrapper ghosts, no, sorry jellyfish.

Title: "Quick take me to the madhouse" (mixed media, 2008)

More! More! Bring me more craft!


And here, as a "plain wrong" afterthought, is Almond Roach. Also by my disturbed, but still magnificent, best friend.



H said...

The almond roach wins it for me. What are its legs? I must know!

zoe said...

I think it's important to mention your best friend's age here too ;)

Waffle said...

Alright Zoe - that's "Violet, aged 33".

Helena - I will revert with roach leg info, but I believe they might be tags from M&S knickers.

Waffle said...

I was wrong - the feelers are pink paperclips, and the legs plain paper clips.

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