Saturday, 2 August 2008

Cat likes rusty spoons

Internet, I really need your help. Indeed, I'm throwing myself on your mercy. I have been trying to make sense of this graffito in our street for the last two years with no success and it's making my head throb. This week alone, in my graffiti distracted state I have:

- hit myself in the face with a three kilo medicine ball (in public, because otherwise it would be no fun would it. If I hit myself in the face with a large ball and noone sees, am I still a fuckwit? Hmm.)

- realised I had left the violet shoes behind in a cafe (they are cursed! Damn you violet shoes! The shoes of doom!)and returned to get them, only to realise that, ah yes, I had also left my handbag behind but not noticed because SHOES! Lost again! Cannot be allowed to happen!

- realised that the lyric I had been blithely singing along with in a not at all ridiculously ' down with the kids' fashion as "wrap yourself in bleeding mattress*" was in fact nothing of the kind. Madras. Not mattress. Yup. This almost rivals the Space Cadette's famous:

"Somewhere over the rainbow

Wear your pie"

- Got into the car this afternoon and headed off for another doom-filled afternoon in an underground medieval-themed Flemish soft play area (could any series of words be less appealing?) holding a carving knife.

Please. It's getting beyond a joke. Help me deconstruct the graffiti. Come, let us stroke our beards together and examine the text and what it signifies.

WHY is the cat saying it likes rusty spoons? Is it a drug reference? Does it have a club paw or is it playing with a ball? Is it indeed a cat? Is it significant that the speech bubble comes from the paw and not the head? Is it just too Belgian for me to comprehend? Is there any other place in the world where foreign language graffiti is so fricking surreal? I mean, "fuck you motherfucker" I could understand, but "I like rusty spoons"? I used to quite like "Corriere della Sera paid [?? illegible]'s legal bills" on the railway bridge just north of Farringdon station; it sounded a bit Carrofiglio and intriguing. But this is just beyond me.

So please, anyone? Does it mean anything or should I just take a fistful of lithium and have a lie down?

The shoes contemplate their next escape attempt:

L: Shall we take the legs with us next time?

R: Mà, no! Dio mio! With that ridiculously streaky fake tan?

L: Mà Certo. And the nails! Horribile!

*Vampire Weekend. So ridiculously good. Thank you Space Cadette!


Z said...

What - it's wear your pie? I always thought it was weigh a pie. I feel so dreadfully stupid.

I think you should give your shoes more credit. If not for them, you would have lost your handbag.

I have not the Belgian mindset and I do not understand the graffito.

zoe said...

I love graffiti - as long as it's not on my house. Just look at it - don't try and understand it.

And what is it with you and shoes? Next time we meet up YOU MAY NOT GO SHOPPING BEFOREHAND. Gottit?

Marianne said...

OMG I was thinking, how stupid is she to get wear your pie, when it's clearly bluebirds fly. Turns out it was me who was stupid. I''m having trouble understanding how you can keep leaving your SHOES places and not noticing - are you hobbling off barefoot?! Although my dad once forgot his car and his two children on a moor in Scotland, so anything's possible.

Re the graf - I reckon it's a dog, not a cat and I think someone else has added the rusty spoons onto the original...

Jaywalker said...

Z - Weigh a pie works better, doesn't it? You may be right. And I like the idea of the shoes as a sort of slightly camp Italian Lassie, trying to wordlessly communicate my own stupidity to me.

Zoe - Ok, no shopping. Got it. No maiming/killing either though - that's still the deal isn't it?

Marianne - Dog? Really? I am off to have another look. As for the barefoot thing. Nah, FitFlops. Bad bad bad ugly wrong Fitflops that I love and hate in equal measure.

justme said...

I knew exactly which song you meant when you said 'wrap yourself in bleeding matress' so obviously I thought that's what it was too!
Did you leave the cafe barefoot then? That seems a little eccentric.....
No, I have no idea what the graffiti means. Will ponder on that.....

Jaywalker said...

Really Just me? How reassuring! I felt like a fule. I mean, bleeding mattress. Doesn't make that much sense does it. But most of the rest is fairly odd too, so it seemed plausible...
Good song though isn't it? How is your quest for fun going. It continues to elude me.

justme said...

Excellent song......but I don't understand most of the lyrics on the album. That happens a lot I find.
I am sadly not having as much fun as I would like!

littleanomaly said...

Rusty Spoons!!!

There's an online cartoon called Salad Fingers and he goes on about how he loves the rusty spoons.

Anonymous said...

We must find the perfect spoon.. :D

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