Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Another soft entry

This very personable sausage dog is from Dani at Kitchen Playground. She knitted him with her hands. Actually, I think she probably used needles unless she has extremely long, thin and pointy fingers. His name is Eddie Cantor. Because he looks like Eddie Cantor. Dani mentions particularly that she did not knit him any genitals. Is this significant? Who knows! The judges will decide!
I am up to my tonsils in edible glitter and crystallised violets. My plan to immortalise the Belgian government on fairy cakes is going badly, but Matilda has an extremely disco birthday cake. Not that she will notice, she is demented with sleep deprivation from watching burly antipodeans swim all night long whilst eating Tim Tams and shouting things.

Off to scare the CFO with my glowing sticky fingertips now. He better be grateful.