Sunday, 27 July 2008

No more sand

Goodness, darlings it's good to be back.


Marianne said...

What on earth's going on with that dinosaur? Looks a touch traumatic for the little ones - welcome back! x

(Very) Lost in France said...

Welcome back - did you make it to Blackgang Chine? Probably not or you'd have thrown yourself off the cliffs in to the swirling seas below. VLiF

Jaywalker said...

VLiF - I vetoed a trip to Blackgang Chine on sanity grounds, it sounded like a very esoteric ring of hell. Apparently there are piped musak sea shanties too add to the general horror! Have you been?

Marianne - God knows, but it cost me something like 20 quid to go and look at the rotting fibreglass shells...

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