Thursday, 31 July 2008

Brain meme and frightening photos

Nobody loves me

Everybody hates me

But! Instead of going down the garden to eat some worms I am going to do a craft project for you. Wouldn't you like that? You would, wouldn't you. This morning, I was struck and amused by the tableaux presented by our bedside tables.

The Jaywalker's:

Yup, that's:

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a pair of violet shoes nestling in the first photo. Yes. I replaced them. The bank manager is just putting my cards through a special shredder as I type. No, I do not know why there are pigeons on a tea towel beside my bed. I just like it.

And the CFO's:

Yup, that's:

Really, cliché just isn't in it, is it. But I swear I photographed as I found. Well, I moved an old cup of tea off mine. That's why you can actually see wood in one spot.

So this started me off on a frequently visited train of thought about how very different we are, blah blah blah. I was planning a post on our internet 'favourites' at one point (him: house insulation, hi-fi equipment, fires, types of seaweed, jobsearch, tortoises. Me: well, you know. It's all on here innit. Pretty stuff and clever writers). But! Instead I thought I would draw our brains. Eh oui. Moreover, if there is anyone still reading this nonsense I am setting this as a meme style challenge! Your summer project is to drawn your brain and blog it. Anyone out there with some felt pens and spare time?

So here is mine:

And here is the CFO's:

And what part of brain 1 appealed to brain 2 and vice versa is an eternal mystery. Possibly brains were't involved at all...


Marianne said...

It's funny because this is one of my favourite posts- I love the two brains- mine and the Colonel's would look so much like these two, although the Colonel's would have categories like TEA, BORING TOMES, CRICKET and NOT TELLING ANYONE HIS PLANS rather than anything useful like benchmarking on his.

Waffle said...

Honestly Marianne, what with this, the unglazed china/sand and living about 2 doors apart, I am beginning to think you and I are one of those separated twin pairs. Apart of course from you being much prettier and younger!

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