Thursday, 19 June 2008

What do you wear to a Brueghel party?

So your appetite for tractor based reportage and social commentary is limited. Too Belgian? I hear you, internet, and being the craven people pleaser I am, I promise to abstain from agricultural machinery in future. Sorry Léonie.

The picture above is posted on the lift to the corridor of ennui, with the following seductive promise:

'Brueghel themed bar night! Tomorrow! On the seventh floor! Fresh baked bread and a selection of beers!'.
I am finding the whole concept a little challenging. Being the Eurodrone I am, my questions instantly took the form of a numbered list. Yup, you really wouldn't want to be in my head. I'm sparing you the sub-paragraphs and roman numerals, but trust me, they're there.

1. Why
2. Why
3. Why
4. Why lord, why
5. How?
6. Look! They wore turbans back then too! This custom has deep roots! I should show Belgian turban wearing more respect.
7. Fresh baked bread? From the canteen? Those people shouldn't be allowed to handle live yeast.
8. What will they be wearing? I really hope there isn't doublet and hose. Oh god. Pantaloons. Knee britches.
9. What am I doing in this country
10. What should I wear?

Thoughts, anyone?


Marianne said...

It seems to be quite obvious: huge clogs, white tights and a tea cosy on your head? Enjoy!

Jaywalker said...

Hello Marianne,

Lovely blog you have there. Am rolling you. That sounds a bit pervy doesn't it.
I have the tea cosy, but none of the other elements. What to do?
Also, intense fear, I have just seen that the invite also promises "minced meat"....

Léonie said...


*falls over*

Marianne said...

Thanks Jaywalker - I'd love to reciprocate, you do mean "blogrolling" right?! On closer inspection, it seems to be ok to wear any colour tights, not just white, and maybe just stick your feet in two cut-off cereal packets? Have a great one.

Jaywalker said...

Tractor cold turkey for you this week. And don't try telling me you can handle it, just one tractor just to get your head straight etc etc. I refuse to enable your tractor addiction any more.
Consider yourself in tractor rehab until further notice.


Yes, I promise only blog rolling. Um. I have a pair of the Space Cadette's melted navy tights and plenty of cereal boxes. Perfect! You are wonderfully resourceful.

girl with the mask said...

Whatever you wear, can we get a photo?!

Jaywalker said...

No promises girl. It would need some kind of health warning. I wouldn't like impressionable non-Belgians to catch a glimpse and be scarred forever.

Do you think the outfit could do double service at paris colleague's party? Will I look good bending over in it? I fear I know the answer.

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