Thursday, 26 June 2008

The tattoo question

Question, internet. Answer from the heart.

Would you consider the parent of a child with a Pokémon tattooed* on its scrotum to have failed to set appropriate boundaries?

Hmm. I feared as much.

*Temporary! He is only six. But still.


zoe said...

Pokémon STILL exist?

Oh god.

Waffle said...

They will withstand a nuclear winter Zoe. The surviving mutants will crawl through the toxic slime singing
"Pokemon, attrapez les tooooouuuus" in dire chanson française dirge tones.

Laura Jane Williams said...

Yes. The answer is yes.


Léonie said...

Not at all. It could be worse. It could be in a place where people would see it.

justme said...

That made me laugh SO much!!!
Did he put it on himself or did he have help?

Waffle said...

Léonie - There is that. But what is to stop him showing people? Certainly not his own sense of propriety, what with not having one.

Justme - Hmm. He indicated he was going to do it, and I told him I didn't think it would work so he went off to prove me wrong. Of course, I suppose I should have been saying 'don't you dare' or something. As I say, no boundaries. This is what comes of being raised by hippies. Sigh.

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