Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Seriously considering making myself a cocktail with this

I would quite like to be green and scaly. And I definitely need a pick me up. Goodness, he looks perky doesn't he? Ready to go and mate with David Attenborough's ankle.

I'm was quite inclined to leave it there for tonight, but then I came across Lashes' speech therapy notebook and thought we could have some Belgian elocution lessons. And marvel in the peculiar universe of the speech therapy phrases. I think it feels a bit fin de siècle, no? A little bit Proustian?

Altogether now:

En ecrivant à ma maîtresse je me suis trompé d'addresse
(That happens all the time when you are six. And can't read or write. So many mistresses, so little literacy)

Sébastien danse la salsa
(I bet he does, the carefree devil)

Suzon caresse sa petite soeur Lucie
(If I was called Suzon I would be dismembering my petite soeur with an axe, personally)

Maurice achète six saucissons secs
(phew, about time a bit of normal Belgian behaviour reasserted itself)

And my personal favourite, which I am still trying to crowbar into conversations:

Serge deguste une Crêpe Suzette

I have to confess I make him say this ALL THE TIME, like a performing seal. No wonder this week we have been rewarded with the unprecedented comment:

"Bonne amelioration de l'articulation de s-z"! Truly, this is a triumph, and I would like to thank Serge for his sterling work with the Crepe Suzette.

This post is complete nonsense isn't it. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have taken Reptoboost. Now please excuse me, I am off to swallow a water buffalo whole and perfom an elaborate mating ritual with my ear flaps...


La Belette Rouge said...

My hunch is that we are working on "s's". Is this why you have snake and sepent food?

Jaywalker said...

Good guess!

In fact one of the phrases I left out was 'Le serpent siffle et se hisse dans le desert'....

Sadly the serpent food is not a teaching aid. If only.

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