Sunday, 29 June 2008

Belgian Fashion Clinic

- Good morning Fashion clinic, Action Man here. I have been despatched on a top secret mission to Belgium and I need to fit in with the local population. Can you give me some pointers?

Elleke van Boucheron writes:

Welcome Action Man! I am sure we can help you out. First thing, we need to do something about facial hair. You need more of it. For a young, handsome man like you, a subtle moustache/goatee combo would be typical.

See? You look better already!

Of course, you need a turban. Not only does it look great, but also, I am thinking, it could be good for concealing any secret things you need for your mission. You see? Practical and stylish!

Next, I'd recommend some Belgian trousers. We like our trousers loose, maybe with a slightly dropped waist, and some kind of a cheerful pattern. Just a word of warning though - be careful getting on and off trams. There have been some sad incidents where young men have been hurt getting their trousers caught in the automatic doors.

Your shoes are already good, nicely foot-shaped. But I'd recommend a few more straps. Like this:

Of course, with any fashion project the accessories are crucial! This is the finishing touch.

Now you look truly Belgian. My work is done, and I must say, you look really sexy. If you have any time to drop in to my Overijse villa for some hot, no strings sex, you've got my number...