Thursday, 15 May 2008

Nouvelle Star: in ur teevee messing with ur inhibishuns

Yo man, the Nouvelle Star is back a day LATE. Last night I was greeted by the unedifying site of Monster Trucks. Dubbed. If there had not been alcohol and ice cream there would probably have been tears. As it was the CFO was mesmerised by the giant wheels and I cleaned the kitchen cupboards.

So. My 'notes and queries' from the delayed episode (remember, televisual equivalent of ecstasy. no sense likely to be forthcoming):

Andre Manoukian - had possibly been consuming herbal substances? Rambling, disjointed and philosophical. Still hot.
Lio - was her make up artist on strike? She had aged about 20 years last night. Of course she still looks way hotter than I do.
My new husband - goodness me. Looked very very chiselled in that rather tight t shirt. Pleasingly self-deprecating about his Margaret Thatcher brushing. Definitely sending me subliminal messages with his snakey eyes.
CedricWatch - Cedric was fairly ropey last night, but I was enthralled by the makeup lady lovingly spray tanning his chest. Think of the thousands of mature ladies who would love her job. Rar.
I also had a bit of a Jules moment last night. That's wrong, isn't it. Yes, so wrong. I know. I blame Plug TV.
Lastly, only in France would a TV reality talent contest reference Roland Barthes. Did anyone else notice that? Or did the CFO slip hallucinogens into my camomile again?


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