Monday, 19 May 2008

In which I conclude with regret it would not be wise to give up the day job

Cake. This blog needs more cake. My cake, let me show you it. I think the ghastly disarray in which these photos appear is entirely appropriate given their general awfulness (though in fact it's technical incompetence).
I am torn whether the least appetising is the blue monstrosity, or possibly that unfortunate teddy bear wearing a toupee. Note also the relish with which Pikachu is being dismembered and the profusion of blank, staring marshmallow eyes. Need a disturbing Tim Burton-esque image rendered in buttercream and sponge? I am your woman.
I suppose just conceivably there could be a niche market for this. If there is, I am sure Belgium is the place to try and tap it...


Kitschen Pink said...

Who wants to make cakes for a living anyway when you can have this much fun doing it for recreation! Excellent! t.x

tartetartan said...

I used to have a party cake business. I stopped doing it after a while, as it would take me a day to make one and I would only get about 30 Euros for it. I much prefer to make them for fun now. Yours look pretty good to me thought!

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janerowena said...

Perhaps you could number them for me, so that i can tell which one is the teddy bear? :)

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