Friday, 16 May 2008

The DvF Magic Eye Contest

Shall we play a game? Shall we, mater, shall we? Yes indeed we shall. It's Friday, it's late, wine has been consumed, a cake is taking too long to bake and Jaywalker needs amusement.

So - without further ado, let me introduce 'Diane von Furstenberg's magic eye game'. Remember Magic Eye? Those vomit inducing psychedelic swirly pattern things that were so very popular in, um, 1990? Ish. You stared for long enough at a pattern worthy of Belgian Trousers (thanks for this one Mya) and eventually you either fell down dead or saw a dolphin emerge. This is a bit like that. Without the dolphins.

Look closely at the following:

Look long, look hard. Anything emerging? No?

Yes, I know it's sideways. I mentioned the wine didn't I. Ok, ready for your close up (in 1990 this was the moment when you made your vision go all swimmy by screwing your eyes up):

No. I'm not telling you. Not yet. First one to detect the subliminal image wins some kind of fabulous fashion prize. Or the Australian Women's Weekly Childrens Party Cake book. Whatever does it for you.
And no, you can't have a clue either. Except that I didn't see if for 2 years and when someone pointed it out I was chairing a whole day of Eurotedium in front of a room of, like, 50 zombie Eurodrones. Not my finest hour.
Go oooon, can you see it yet?


emily said...

ummm... it looks like it is covered in rabbit heads - but rabbits that look like the playboy bunny symbol...

i have to fess up tho - im actually pretty blind so... :)

Jaywalker said...

You win Emily!

Playboy bunnies. Yes indeed. My mother will be spinning in her grave.

What prize would you like, the cookbook or some belgian nonsense?

Xtreme English said...

I think it kind of looks like the crowd at the Village Halloween parade in NYC. I certainly see those Playboy bunnies, but there are lots of them in the parade, too.

Nice dress, all the same.

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